Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago

Heading For Snow

In Midwest Chicago

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago
©Exploramum and Explorason – Heading into a blizzard

Heading for snow – beating the blizzard


New Buffalo

Morning arrives and I am up at 5:30 a.m. when I come to realize that we have gained 1 hour since we are sitting on the border. So it is actually 4:30 a.m. The fog and weather are pretty bad by the time we pack the car and off as weather reports indicate we are heading for snow In Midwest Chicago. Being luxury travel experts has helped us know what to do in such harsh weather conditions. We understand that if we do everything right, this will not ruin our experience. The first thing we do is to keep ourselves warm. I also continue driving only when there is clear visibility. We know so well that the experience is often more important than the destination. So if need be, we never want to rush for our destination if rushing will prove to be risky.  That is the beauty of a single parent travel – you are your own pacesetter.

As we drive the storm gets heavier.  The roads are congested and I think people are panicking to get to where they need to be.



I have to drive two hours past Chicago to Wisconsin and I’m still heading for snow but it hasn’t arrived yet. We now have to go to drop off the car and so we hope we will make it in time. My friends will be picking us up from there the next day.



Milwaukee Radisson Hotel

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago
©Exploramum and Explorason – Milwaukee Raddison Hotel – We arrive in time

We end up with a fab deal at the Milwaukee Radisson Hotel. It is a lovely huge room and we feel so happy to be inside.

As the snow starts to fall, my son lies in bed watching both the snow and TV.  He hops up occasionally for a little ‘snow dance’ of excitement.

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago
©Exploramum and Explorason – Milwaukee Raddison Hotel – It starts to snow

I unpack the car and sort out the room and are immediately in, managing to have everything neatly sorted before lunch-time.

Free Shuttle Bus

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago
©Exploramum and Explorason – Bad weather arrives

The hotel runs a free shuttle to the airport. So we can drop the car back there, and get a ride so it all works out perfectly. These are the little reasons you select a hotel like the Radisson because they care for their guests and offer that extra service that can really help.

Heated Indoor Swimming Pool

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago
©Exploramum and Explorason – Milwaukee Raddison Hotel – Explorason take a photo (blurry) of me relaxing in the pool

The Radisson Milwaukee Hotel has a lovely indoor heated pool and whirlpool jacuzzi. It is nice to relax in the hotel once we’ve returned from returning the car hire.  We stay in the swimming area for the afternoon.

The rental car company gives me a free day rental refund, so I decide we will have a nice decedent pre-Christmas dinner.

Tomorrow we are off to spend Christmas with my friends. I was her bridesmaid over 25 years ago in Canada and we have reconnected on Facebook. It is going to be lovely to have a white Christmas there and Explorason is so excited as he just loves snow.

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