Gourmet Organic Coffee sachets for the traveller with style

Gourmet Organic Coffee sachets for the traveler with style

Yesterday we went to a local fair in North Miami Beach. There I met the loveliest lady (Marilyn), and we started to chat. She was showing people some fabulous flavors of Gourmet Organic Coffee.

As we talked, I realized just how good this product was. Travelers would definitely love it. So I thought of sharing it with everyone over here. Each sachet is enough for one strong cup of coffee.

So back to our apartment, I came to test it out. I was really surprised at the strength and quality of coffee in each sachet sealed bag.

This meant that you could carry some in your bag, and just ask for a cup of hot water at the airport or train station whilst waiting for your next flight or train.

(Also a lot of USA & budget airlines charge for coffee, however, they provide free hot water.) It is in instant form, so no need for a plunger, french press, or percolator.

I am not going to recommend anything I don’t try, so what surprised me next was the creme on top of the cup!

It looked like it had been made by a barista, and not little ol’ me.

I am a long-term traveler. Together with my son, we have been traveling for almost 2 years now.  We are about to visit our 21st country!

I try to incorporate a quality lifestyle at a budget cost. Among the things I love is good coffee. I also really like healthy and organic produce, and having just spent most of the past year in Central and South America I have tasted some pretty fine coffee, as I have passed through some of the world’s best coffee regions.

So here is my suggestion for those of you who travel. Go online, make an order and have some of this coffee sent to your home or business.

Next time you need a quick cup of coffee as a ‘pick me up’, you can just tear open one freshly sealed sachet, and there is your refreshing coffee.  For those on a tight budget, hot water and cream are usually available at no charge in a lot of places.

For the single person, or only person in the home that drinks coffee, or for those that only have guests that drink coffee, this is a great way to ensure that coffee is always available. The coffee can be shipped worldwide, and she already distributes to over 30 countries.

I was also impressed to find out that it rehydrates (not dehydrates), balances ph levels, naturally detoxifies, strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation, improves sleep quality and the list goes on!

You can find ORGANO GOLD and Marilyn by contacting her through her email or website:

Website: http://tonys4stepstosuccess.myorganogold.com

If you have a product you would like us to test and share with our readers, please contact me directly.  We can discuss the possibilities, and help you gain worldwide exposure.
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  • What fascinates you about Miami?
  • Have you tried the Gourmet organic coffee?
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    • You’ll have to order some – it is a great idea and so healthy too! Has to beat the coffee I bought on AerLingus!

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