Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye

Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye

We left the lovely Invermark Hotel and headed through the country roads and past bluebell fields.

Suddenly I see a highland cattle, and I pull into a farmers driveway and we all tear off racing back down the narrow road.

They were mainly eating the leaves off trees. One had managed to use the horns to twist a branch down and was having a feast.

This one just decided to pose for me! Yes. Very cool I thought.


Exploramum and Explorason – highland cattle

We stopped at a little town where the Beatrix Potter garden for Peter Rabbit was.

We then went along the lochs to the beautiful town of Pitlochry.  Here we had an Indian curry for lunch at a restaurant I can’t say I’d recommend.  It was a pretty town though.

Next was a stop at a gorgeous palace.

To my surprise, we were driving past snow-capped mountains and had we bothered we could have taken a side road up to have a snowball fight.  We actually got quite lost looking for the next turn-off and the GPS even got it wrong.

This area has a vast hydroelectric system, so we stopped to view a lovely dam.  Pine trees were all around and the landscape changed before our eyes.


Exploramum and Explorason – pine forest

Next stop was afternoon tea.  This manor was also set on a lake.

Inside we enjoyed probably the thickest and frothiest hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to consume. It was heavenly and worth every Great British Pound.  I do think it added a pound to my weight too!

I do not recall the name but it was by Loch Garry on the way to Fort Augusta.

Next stop was Fort Augusta.  The start of Loch Ness – the home of the famous Lochness Monster.  


Exploramum and Explorason – Fort Augusta #2

Explorason was out hunting for him as soon as we hit town.

We have friends who have been alone on the Loch and have sighted the Lochness Monster.  Never joke to anyone who has seen such a beast.  This includes Explorason who went down a fairly steep embankment and was quite convinced he saw him.  I did see a grey vision in the water in a line over several meters that could indeed have been the

I did see a grey vision in the water in a line over several meters that could indeed have been the snake-like humps.  However, Explorason was quite convinced he saw him and left quite happy he had spent the time looking for him.


Exploramum and Explorason – Loch Ness

It was getting late in the day, but we did enjoy a road crossing by wild Highland goats.  Long-haired animals seem to be all the got in Scotland.

Next stop was the Castle Eilean Donan.  Not the world’s best photo as the sun was on the wrong side, but it was stunning and worth a look. Had we more time, I would have driven up the hill for a great photo.  This really is a rush trip.


Exploramum and Explorason – Castle Eilean Donan

We finally arrived at the famous Saucy Mary’s.  The Isle of Skye is premium price accommodation, and we had tried so many places to book unsuccessfully when planning our trip and so we were just pleased to get in here.  The managing lady was lovely and friendly and helpful.


Exploramum and Explorason – Saucy Mary’s

Sometimes we have to take more budget accommodation, and this was one of those nights.

The worst bit was the ‘midgies’ (a tiny insect by the thousands) that are rampant at sunset by the loch.

But the best bit about being here is the location – and the sunset.


Exploramum and Explorason – Sunset #2

What a long, long day.  As we headed down to the kitchen at the hostel to cook dinner. I am thankful for a clean place to rest.  I’m a tired driver.  But we have seen so many beautiful things.

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