Perfect Day in Island Paradise Boca Brava, Panama

PERFECT DAY in Island Paradise

Boca Brava, Panama

A perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – What makes a perfect day in Island Paradise?

A Perfect Day in Island Paradise

What makes a perfect day in Island Paradise you might ask?
And is it possible to even have a perfect day?
I believe it is.
For it is not the events itself that make it perfect, but rather the feelings that make it a perfect day.
Yesterday was so fun on our island adventure, that it seems like it would be hard to beat, but it was beaten – by today!
a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Good morning from Paradise

The Start

As the sun rises over the ocean waters below, I slowly wake to this paradise and realize my stresses have washed away. Our room is set on the clifftop and the breeze is blowing through the louver windows.
Our roommate Lynda is still asleep, as is my son, and all is still and peaceful inside.

I sit on my bed for a second, amazed at how beautiful the day is. It is definitely the joy of a parent to wake up on such a beautiful day and to realize such inner peace.  I slip out of the room with my camera and take a walk down the hill to the water’s edge.

As I do, peace floods over me, as does the realization of the stillness of a new day. I bask in the glory of this incredible moment for each day is new and is a gift.

My Outlook

This world trip has changed my outlook on life – for my life is to be lived.
God made this glorious life for me to enjoy and I want to somehow encapsulate that and never to forget it.
For life is not simply mere existence or a noose around our necks, as my old life used to be.

Coffee Time

I head back to the room and heat the water to make a coffee. One of the best purchases I made prior to this trip was my metal coffee plunger or ‘French Press’ as some call it.
Lynda, our roommate and I sit in our beds and enjoy a cup of great Panamanian coffee with long life milk purchased from Boca Chica – also a good investment.
a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Iganua up a tree outside our bedroom as we wake


Suddenly! Outside our window, there is a noise in the dry leaves and climbing up a tree is a one-meter long iguana. Oh, he is a handsome fellow!
a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – this Iguana has no spikes

Soon, a smaller brown iguana joins in.
Our room seems to be a great viewing point. Both of these iguanas love to sit in the sun right in front of us. What a great display of nature!
a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Striped tail Iguana joins his friend outside our window

Incredible –  here comes yet another iguana!  As we are from Australia, these are not creatures we have seen before, and definitely never from our bedroom window.

This last fella moves up to get a view over the ocean and warm in the sun.

a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – This Iguana head out to sun himself on a branch

Jungle Walk

After breakfast, we head off down to the beach through the jungle along a walking trail, but not sure where we are headed. It is a walk simply to enjoy the island.

a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Taking a morning jungle walk

Howler Monkeys

We can hear the howler monkeys so noisily in the trees but we cannot see them.

a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Huge moths and butterflies are throughout the jungle

Butterflies and Moths

As we wander down to the beach area we are feeling like we are on a field trip. This is perfect for world schooling as there are magnificent moths and butterflies fluttering all about.

a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – This pretty butterfly has aqua winds

These butterflies and moths seem to come in all colors and sizes. There was one kind that flew too fast to take a photograph. Then others that are the size of a sparrow and are cobalt blue. This one is all yellow when its wings are spread, as he lands on a tropic plant below.

a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – These pretty green birds are throughout the jungle area


In the far distance, these lovely green birds were hanging around the bay in the bushes. There were a few of them. I managed to get within two meters of them in the end. They blend in so well with the environment, apart from a shot of color on their head.

Skimming Stones

We head to the first beach and Lynda teaches Explorason to skim stones. To him, this is a great new skill.  He does this over and over with delight.
We can’t swim at this beach as we forgot our ‘beach feet’ or wet shoes that allow us to walk in the water on pebbles and stones. It is too slimy underfoot, along with greenish water from the foliage.

New Beach

We then walk another 10 minutes.  Lynda has used Google maps to find the next beach and it is a really nice little bay. The water is so warm but we can’t see anything through it – it is a bit green. This murkiness, therefore, makes my son climb all over me in the water, but I love the hugs and cuddles and closeness of mother and son.

That Perfect Moment!

We then dry off and it is time for some more love and cuddles.
This exact moment is why I wanted to travel.  Why? Because I now have quality time with my boy. I am so grateful for the relaxing time we are having and for this very moment, for all is perfect!
a perfect day in Island Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – And this IS THE PERFECT MOMENT!

Failed Words

Words cannot express how I feel at this moment nor can language express how grateful and thankful I am.
This is ‘perfection’, but really there is no word for this very moment, so these words fail me as I try to express this ‘perfect time’ of love and happiness in my life.

A perfect day in Island Paradise

Yes – this very moment is perfect.
Just perfect!
Whether the day was actually perfect or not, I don’t remember, but I think I’d still class it as a perfect day in Island Paradise.

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