Day Trip To Isla Bolano Panama

Day Trip To Isla Bolano

and Gamez Golfo de Chiriquí National Park

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – beautiful rippled sand

Islas Bolano here we come!

Today is a new adventure as we go exploring to Day Trip To Isla Bolano and also another national park on islands nearby, and we are quite excited.

Two boatloads

We have two boatloads for our visit to the islands today from Boca BravaThis is a great service that is organized by the Eco Hotel Boca Brava.  


Our price includes the snorkel and mask we will need. It also includes a great lunch. On top of all these, it also provides some coolers with drinks that can be purchased on an honor system. I love the excitement on everyone’s face as we prepare for this unique travel outing today.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – how stunning is our Eco Hotel?

We head off in the second boat, eager to see the islands and we arrive at the first island of Isla Bolano. The beaches are gorgeous, with white sand and aqua blue water.

He’s off!

Before I know it, my seven-year-old is off down the beach as he is eager to get into the day.  We are all left getting the gear off the boats.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – arriving on the island

Volcanic Sand Mix

The sand on a section of the beach is a mix of white and volcanic soil and excellent for our world schooling lessons. Here there are little fresh-water springs right on the shore.

Therefore, we start to dig a well. Before long, many of the fellow travelers have joined us which is quite fun. We even have a bit of fun chasing the waves all together and it feels like a family picnic.


Now some of you might not know, but I nearly drowned when I was 5-years-old. I spent a week in the hospital and I do have a bit of a phobia for putting my head under.  I am therefore cautious but I want my son to be confident at sea.   Because of my positive attitude, we do have a great time learning to snorkel.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – snorkeling together

Coconut Cracking

It is quite warm and so we soon head out of the ocean to the trees for the shade. 

Others on the beach have found a coconut and managed to crack it open. They are enjoying the flesh of the coconut as we join them under the trees.

After this, we head for the second island.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – tropical island paradise here in Panama

Gamez Golfo de Chiriquí National Park

When we arrive here er set about to have lunch. This was a relaxing time with a Snickers Bar to finish off. This was great but we notice how much smaller they have got over the years – they are definitely shrinking!

Time to wash it all down with a nice cold drink – superb!

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – a fun day with other guests

Boat Jumping

Explorason enjoys a jump off the boats after lunch time. He climbs up and jumps off, over and over again. I’m getting tired just watching him, but I notice he wants my attention and approval.

Beautiful Water

One thing to expect here is perfect aqua water. It is clear, a gorgeous color and just the right temperature.  The water is divine and it is hard to stay out of it.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – perfect water

Heading Back

The boat ride back to Boca Brava was great and just a lot of laughs and fun. We had all become friends and I realize how quickly we all bond. I’m personally having the best time, and I’m really happy. I am so pleased we did the fact Explorason is fitting in so well also. It will be a highlight of our world trip for sure.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – fun on the boat together

Eco Hotel On A Cliff

It is nice to see the hotel when we arrive back later in the afternoon. It has been a wonderful day and we are all tired as we take the ‘exercise steps up to the clifftop hotel.

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – our hotel is built on a cliff to maximize views on all sides


Explorason is glad he had time with the boys these past two days also, but they have not come on the boat trip.  However, the rest of the hotel guests all sit around together drinking, laughing and watching the sunset.

What an absolutely wonderful day!

Day trip to Isla Bolano

©Exploramum and Explorason – watching the sunset

Travel Plans

Based on this we have decided we may stay even longer. Life is too good here and although many criticize the fact we do not have rigid travel plans, this is the beauty in these moments of time.

We are all relaxed here, and I think everyone is just having the best time. I really, really do not want the time to end.

Questions and Comments

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