Hotel Pullman Paris La Défense – Perfect for Christmas Markets

Watch our YouTube Video of 24 Hours in Paris before you read this article – it will inspire you! We’re crazy about Christmas! We love everything about Christmastime and the Christmas season. When we had our home in Australia, we would put the tree up in early November, and decorate it whilst Christmas music played […]

Best Way To Explore And See Paris Is By Vespa Tour

I am now convinced that the best way to explore and see Paris is by Vespa Tour.  Paris is a HUGE city, and it is spread out over many km – on both the left and right bank of the River Seine. It takes days and days to even really see all the highlights if […]

House Sitting In Paris – How To House & Pet Sit Around The World Like Us

Pinch me! We’re in Paris! Not only are we in Paris, but we are pet sitting AND house sitting in Paris too, and guess what is visible down our little street? The Eiffel Tower! Yes, Pinch me!  What a whirlwind experience to get here house sitting in Paris. We have waited for so long to return […]

Top 10 for a 10 year old in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a “Dream Come True” for my 10-year-old.  We came to Paris last year, and we didn’t get a chance to visit.  So on our way back to the UK, we just had to allow two days so we could visit both parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. We left Hôtel Napoléon around 10:30 a.m. […]

The Perfect Place in Paris – Hotel Napoleon

We woke early this morning for our long drive to Paris from the Pyrenees at the top of Spain, near Andorra. We were excited yesterday to be heading to the beautiful center of the “City of Love” where we had visited last year as part of our world trip. Unfortunately, I woke with a really nasty […]

Puddles in Paris

Puddles in Paris (title by a 9-year-old) This is a grey, grey day in the skies of Paris. We have ventured out to see some art and thought it wasn’t that cold. After all – this is meant to be summer in Paris. By the time we emerge from the Metro we are cold, and we […]

Au revoir Paris – Bon Jour country France

Au revoir Paris – Bon Jour country France It is Monday in France, and we say farewell to our little rooftop Airbnb apartment. Now here is a tip a friend just told me when searching on Airbnb. If you specify a low priced search (e.g.: maximum $100 a night over a maximum $200 a night, […]

Dreams come true in Paris

Dreams come true in Paris It has been raining all morning and tomorrow we leave Paris. We still have a dream to achieve for Explorason. He loves his art. He loves to draw, and although he has previously done some painting here at Montmartre, he wants to come back and draw. He had a vision […]

Picnic in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Picnic in Paris under the Eiffel Tower I had a dream. Way back in Australia three years ago. That one day we would have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. So last week in Holland I bought the red check cloth. In Cheddar, UK we bought the chutney. The other day it was the blush […]

Nine year old navigates Metro in Paris

Nine-year-old navigates Metro in Paris (Day two in Paris with a nine-year-old) World Schooling Lessons This morning we woke to a surprise. There was Explorason with the map of Paris laid out on the floor, and he was planning our day. He had a pen and paper and was studying lines and their numbers and […]

Day one in Paris with a nine year old

Day one in Paris with a nine-year-old and friend Exploramum, Explorason, and Explorason are excited! Today we are off to explore Paris! (I love this beautiful photo of my friend too). I’ve been put in charge of getting us to the center of town on the Metropolitan – I love the challenge, so here we […]