Picnic in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

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©Exploramum & Explorason – picnic spread at the Eiffel Tower

Picnic in Paris under the Eiffel Tower

I had a dream. Way back in Australia three years ago. That one day we would have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. So last week in Holland I bought the red check cloth. In Cheddar, UK we bought the chutney. The other day it was the blush bubbly.

Today Explorafriend had been to the supermarket and patisserie and bought the baguette and cheese and other nibbles. We were ready to picnic! We even had our ‘light-up mini Eiffel Tower!’

We went to take the Metro and found the train line Explorason had chosen as our route to the Eiffel Tower was not usable.

So we ended up taking another way. Walked out of the station and into a horse show. We walked in and out of this area 3 times when security guards continually pointed us in the wrong direction. We felt like a ping-pong ball.

Then before our eyes, it appeared. The grand Eiffel Tower. And in front of it, the baby red Eiffel Tower, made from metal outdoor folding chairs – would you believe?


©Exploramum & Explorason – 2 Eiffel Towers

I went to find out what time we had to line up to buy the tickets and to go to the bathroom, and it was a very long walk and a very long wait.

I came back to a beautiful sight. There before me the picnic was all laid out, and looking fabulous.


©Exploramum & Explorason – picnic spread at the Eiffel Tower – opening the bubbly

We met a lovely couple from New Zealand picnicking next to us, and soon we were chatting away.


©Exploramum & Explorason – picnic spread at the Eiffel Tower – – our dream came true

Everyone was having a turn at the fun photographs, including Explorason.  He looked like something from ‘Attack of the Titans’.


©Exploramum & Explorason – a giant at the Eiffel Tower

As soon as the Eiffel Tower light up, there was a cheer from the crowd behind us.


©Exploramum & Explorason – lights on at the Eiffel Tower

We lit up our own little Eiffel Tower. We sat and watched the light show that comes on the hour.  It is just magical, and everyone loves it.


©Exploramum & Explorason – a sparkling Eiffel Tower

We then walked up to get our tickets and discovered we were not permitted to take in glass or a knife, or a bottle opener, or a trolley bag.

However our trolley bag has backpack straps, so I quickly converted it. We went to some bushes and hid the glasses, chutney jar, pocket knife, and a cheese knife and went back.


©Exploramum & Explorason – the sun goes down at the Eiffel Tower

We hoped we would find them later! We then lined up for about 3/4 hour, and just missed to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, as they closed the elevator, but we were still OK with getting to the middle level.


©Exploramum & Explorason – under the Eiffel Tower

I was surprised at how reasonably priced the tickets were. We then had a trouble-free entry as they scanned my ‘backpack’.  Perception is an amazing thing!

When we arrived at the viewing platform, what unfolded before us, was pure magic.  The sparkling city lights of Paris twinkled below us and we were captivated by the beauty of this city.


©Exploramum & Explorason – Paris lights from the Eiffel Tower

Our dream had come true! We had made it halfway around the world in two years, and finally, here we were. The Eiffel Tower -Paris.

We hugged each other and I realized how very precious this moment was to us.  I love my son so much, and words can’t describe how I felt.

How lovely, amazing and incredible this journey together has been. I love the time we share. The precious moments.


©Exploramum & Explorason – dreams come true

We were all so happy, and we were glad Explorafriend joined us to see the view. We headed down to retrieve our hidden objects in the bushes with no problems.


©Exploramum & Explorason – friends at the Eiffel Tower

Then a lovely guy from Hungary worked his romance skills on me! It was nice to feel admired, but sadly the moment ended and we had to leave to get the Metro.

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© Exploramum & Explorason – an admirer under the Eiffel Tower

When we arrived at the station one block away, we discovered that it closed at midnight. Crowds were turned away to a station about 20 minutes walk away over the River Seine and we dashed there.

We were told that it had its last train at 1:00 p.m. This was Saturday night in Paris. We were shocked as we expected the Metro to run 24 hours, but clearly, it doesn’t.

So a group of ‘merry’ teenagers led us upstairs, and over town squares, and down side streets, and we could hardly keep up.

We made it to the train and managed to swap to another line before 1:00 p.m. It was a wonderful and memorable night, even if the ending was a very stressful one.

Paris is a very beautiful city.  Explorason and I hope to return one day. We really have loved it here.


©Exploramum & Explorason – Our magical night by the Eiffel Tower

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  • What do you find fascinating about Paris?
  • What do you make of my visit to Paris?
  • How was it seeing the Eiffel tower?
  • Do you believe dreams come true in Paris?
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