Packing List for Food and Utensils

Packing List for Food and Utensils

It is a great idea to have a Packing List for Food and Utensils and so please enjoy the one we have written below for your family world travel adventure.

Food, Drink, Utensils and Sundries in alphabetical order

Bottle stopper or cork
What do you do with half a bottle of wine and no cork?
Chopping Board
Small lightweight plastic board – we found a 15 cm length one.
Bug Screens for cans
These come in a pack of 12 for $1 at the Reject shop.
Plastic so you can wash them.
Ideal for places where there are flies, bees, and wasps.
Note – if a bee or worse wasp flies into your soft drink can because they are attracted to the sweetness, you can swallow them. They can stick (a wasp repeatedly stings) your mouth or throat.  This can cause death, so this little gadget it worth having!

© Exploramum and Explorason – Bug protectors

Coffee plunger
Make sure it is Small. (You can buy the ground coffee on arrival)
I need good coffee to start my day.
Try to get a metal or stainless steel one – not glass if you can! Like ‘hen’s teeth’ to find.  This is a campers dream friend.
I bought this all metal 3 cup one, that is only 14 cm tall in the body and 20 cm tall over, and is all metal. Got it on eBay and highly recommend the seller ” bigg_battle “.
Hot-cold cups with sipper seal lid.
These must stack inside each other.
Can double as a breakfast bowl if needed – we carry in our daypack.
We got these great insulated cups.
The band is removable so they stack inside each other, the lid has a movable seal so you can sip as you go, and can double as a breakfast bowl too.

© Exploramum and Explorason – 3 years on we still use this cup

At Reactivate, and was great to support their Mission and Christian Charity work.
Check out their groovy coffee shop and Recycle Store
On Henley Beach Road, Torrensville in South Australia.
Connect and support them at their shop:
Clip together knife, fork, and spoon cutlery set (we found cheaper to buy from overseas online than a camping store) and/or a ‘Spork’.
Drink Sachets
You can get some great drink powered sachets to take with you.
I bought two lots of on-line.
Drink Bottles
Suggest at least 6 – 8 various bottles between 2 as you can fill with juice etc.
Keep specific prelabelled bottles for various liquids.
Roll up drink bottles are great
Great for wine, spirits, milk, or juices – suggest specific color
Also great as they can be frozen and lightweight
Aluminum drink bottle with ring handle and hanger for a belt.
Spray/sipper drink bottles are a must when hiking.
Drink Bottle covers are a must too
Buy a pair of Aussie Socks or wetsuit drink bottle covers.
You will be amazed at how often a drink bottle is dropped and our spray/drink bottles can crack.
You can wet the sock to keep the bottle cool too.
We bought two of these bottles and undid the inside spray thin inner bottle and discarded. That way it just sprays directly from your water.
Food to bring along
A few small of emergency cans of food with ring pull tops in the front pocket of your luggage.
Often there can be hours on a bus and no food at remote airports if you arrive late. Must be able to eat these uncooked and cold, so suggest fruit etc.
Microwave popcorn small flat sachets. Yes really – those sealed, small flat packets.  They are really handy as a snack in international airports and bus terminals.
We found handy on arrival once when all the food stalls at the airport had been closed and we had a 3-hour bus trip. Was a lifesaver as the bus broke down.
If need be using the parenting rooms as they have a microwave.
Remember – these are tips for a long-term traveler on a budget.
Snack bars, and biscuits.
Make sure they are sealed and labeled.
Tube – sealed of Vegemite
Long-life juice and/or milk.
Handy for the first morning when you have no food or need it in your coffee, or a long bus trip
Again carry as above as some airlines will not allow on planes, and some countries you must declare on arrival.
Small Sharp
Ensure it has a long enough blade to cut a loaf of bread.
I found a lightweight cerated cheese knife in a holder. Ideally, try to find a folding one, but so far, I have not managed to find a folding long blade knife that can cut bread, but will add when I do.  Don’t want to spend a fortune, and customs sometimes confiscate knives anyway – even in luggage.
Plastic contains with lids
Must fit inside each other.
We used 4 Tupperware ones – the lid acts as a plate, the bottom is a bowl and you can store food – great for all you can eat breakfasts where you can gather extra for snacks or lunch.
Plates – Dinner
2 per person matching very flat dinner plastic (not melamine plates) = 4 total
Extras are used when preparing meals and sometimes get lost.
Pocket Knife or Pocket Tool
Suggest one with many functions
I have one with 32 tools
My son has one with tools only for child safety reasons he doesn’t have a knife
Always carry in your backpack but not on planes.
Vegetable peeler
Make sure it is small and with a non exposed blade.
Optional – but found useful for potatoes and fruit we preferred to peel in 3rd world countries.
Questions and Comment
  • Would you consider using the packing list above on your travel adventure?
  • How else do you pack your food and utensils whilst on a trip?
  • Kindly share your comments below.

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