Interview with Exploramum by Fab Meets World

We recently featured Fab Meets World as a Guest Writer for – you can read that article here. Now it is our turn to be blessed with an amazing interview about us; our travels, and our life. Sit back with a cuppa, and enjoy this short read. We hope it inspires you. READ THE […]

Explorason’s Story in Japanese

株式会社 TABI LABO Click here to read Explorason’s story published in Japanese Please understand travel with children Questions and Comments Do you have any suggestions on some of the ways we can reach non-English speaking countries with our articles? If you do, feel free to leave us a suggestion in the comments section below. Our […]

Family Travel Ecotourism Temples And More

Articles that talk about our world journey Learning Travels – Culture Travels with Kids by Marta … …wrote this great EcoTourism article about us visiting a Bear Sanctuary in the snowy mountains of Romania the Christmas time of 2014. Are ecotourism and family vacations an impossible match? And Sarah Osio from Travelosio includes us in her […]

3rd Most Unique Destination In The World

3rd Most Unique Destination In The World This is a place you must visit. A place to add to your bucket list. Jumping onto piles of salt on the worlds biggest Sale Lake. This is an adult and child’s playground as all around you as far as the eye can see is a lake of […]

Latin American Newspaper REFORMA Tells Our Story

World-school Journey by Analine Cedillo Cd. De Mexico, Mexico (March 13, 2016) Translation of an article by Google Translate. …..Single Mother, with a home mortgage payable, two jobs that left her exhausted and very little time to share with your child, Ruth Johnston’s life change was raised. “I thought, this is not the reason why I […]

14 Family Travel Stories – Including Us

14 amazing educational family travel experiences Please take a look at a fabulous article written by Babyglobetrotters. Here 14 different families show some of how they educate through travel. We’ve been included in our recent time in Bali. In fact, we are the first family in the article, so right at the start, and it […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Photo Exhibit 2016 International Women’s Day – What is that?  Each year an amazing mother, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, and inspiring woman named Evelyn Hannon spend hours curating a collection of photographs of women from all around the world for her website Journey Woman This special article celebrates International Women’s Day. Both last year and […]

All The World’s A Classroom

” What is world-schooling? “ The Advertiser Newspaper asked us this very question, and we tried as thoroughly as we could to answer how we educate and travel. We are excited and pleased to share this terrific article written by The Advertiser Parenting Writer Liz Walsh. We hope you enjoy reading about it. Here is […]

Long Term Travel As A Single Parent

Being a single parent can be hard enough, but when we decided to travel long term it became a partnership with my son. We became a team. The two of us, exploring the world together. Learning, and having fun as we discover some of what the world has to offer. We love to venture on […]

The Flying Kids talk about Exploramum and Explorason

The Flying Kids talk about Exploramum and Explorason It is not often that an interview about us springs up that I have not been privy to, but today I read this. And it inspired me to keep traveling. To keep on going. And to live the life we dreamed possible in 2012. As we come […]

I am madly in love with world-schooling

My friend Annalisa from Mom with Backpack has invited us to Italy to be part of the Children’s Tour in Italy. Here we meet up with many other Italian travel bloggers, and I also meet an amazing and positive family. The Mum, Elisa is also a travel and world-schooling blogger. So a little more about world-schooling. […]

Radio Interview with Merkury Radio Poznan Poland

  When we visited Poznan Poland (you can read about it here) it was time to share and publicly promote Exploramum and Explorason’s visit to Poznan. We had been asked for a Radio interview at Merkury Radio. Our friend Silvia (we reunited with her 2 nights ago after meeting originally in Guatemala) picked us up […]