House Sitting In Paris – How To House & Pet Sit Around The World Like Us

Pinch me! We’re in Paris! Not only are we in Paris, but we are pet sitting AND house sitting in Paris too, and guess what is visible down our little street? The Eiffel Tower! Yes, Pinch me!  What a whirlwind experience to get here house sitting in Paris. We have waited for so long to return […]

Housesitting For A Healthy Lifestyle

We have been pet and housesitting our way around the world for the past four years. We sold our home and successfully traveled to 65 countries so far, and we are still going!  I guess it isn’t your average life for some, but it is certainly a life we love, and we’d like to tell you […]

“WINNER” of the 2015 ‘New Voices’ BLOG COMPETITION

“Ruth Johnston, (that’s ME !!), Australian travel writer and full-time housesitter, travels around the world with her son by housesitting, volunteering, and finding new and exciting locations for travel journalism. They find that housesitting saves them money and enables them to keep traveling around the world. In this our choice for the 2015 HouseSitMatch ‘New […]

House-sitting Enables Travel – By A Ten Year Old

Explorason loves traveling! In fact, he has been to 63 countries around the world, over the past three years. And in order for us to sustain our travels, we often house-sit. He loves house-sitting; he adores pets – especially dogs and loves having time to stop and relax. Here is his story …… How house-sitting […]

Talking Turkey in Turkey with a Turkey whilst Housesitting

Talking Turkey in Turkey with a Turkey whilst Housesitting So this is Turkey-Lurkey. He is one BIG male turkey, and he lives in Turkey with over 20 – yes 20 – other animals we have come to house sit. Now looking after over 20 animals is in itself pretty unique, but what is really unique is […]

Monte Carlo Monaco – 2nd Travel Anniversary

Monte Carlo Monaco on our 2nd Travel Anniversary This is our Travelversary!  And the start of our 3rd continuous year of world travel. Last year we enjoyed dining out for lunch and it in Bolivia, South America. In one of the poorest towns in one of the poorest countries. And this year we dined overlooking the […]

House sitting in the UK

House sitting in the UK House-sitting in the UK is very different. Different from Ireland. Different from Brazil. Different from Fiji. And the list goes on. In fact, each house-sit is unique, has its strengths and its challenges. This house-sit saw us in Newcastle in a small upstairs – downstairs miners home from last century. […]

House-sitting in West Ireland

House-sitting in West Ireland We have arrived at our house-sitting assignment in Ireland. It is a home out of the tiny village, and on the way down a small road that leads to the sea (we see the bay from the sitting room window and the rolling Irish green hills from the kitchen window). Down […]

Housesitting around the world

Our interview on Housesitting around the world was just released. Please take a look. Interested in housesitting? If you would like to house-sit, please join by clicking here. Fantastic news – use this special in the “Redeem Coupon” section.  Then enter EXPLORAMUM-10 and get 10% off too! You’ll also be helping us with our travels. …………………………. Join up to house-sit […]

Saquarema Brazil and Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here and Brazil is not left behind as the world celebrates this special day. Our House sitting Accommodation Our house sitting home overlooks the distant shores of Rio De Janeiro. It is just an amazing view and we are so far enjoying the stay. Though it is windy outside, we can’t help […]

Last days at Savusavu Island Fiji

Last days at Savusavu, Fiji The last two days at Savusavu, Fiji have been just wonderful. Over the last couple of weeks, we have made friends with ‘Dave’ and ‘Aoife’ from Ireland. ‘Dave’ is training for a triathlon in Canada and is super fit. So he kindly takes my son out so I can catch […]

School in Savusavu Fiji for an Australian Boy

School in Savusavu Fiji for an Aussie boy (Son in his school shirt and sandals – first day) Seven-year-old goes to school in Savusavu, Fiji We have to visit the “Head Teacher” at the school in Savusavu to see if my son will be accepted into Khemendra Central Primary School. It is an international school […]