“WINNER” of the 2015 ‘New Voices’ BLOG COMPETITION


©Exploramum and Explorason – Housesitting in Brazil – a windy Mother’s Day breakfast looking out towards Rio

“Ruth Johnston, (that’s ME !!), Australian travel writer and full-time housesitter, travels around the world with her son by housesitting, volunteering, and finding new and exciting locations for travel journalism.

They find that housesitting saves them money and enables them to keep traveling around the world.

In this our choice for the 2015 HouseSitMatch ‘New Voices’ Blog Competition, sponsored by HouseSitMatch, Ruth shares some of her experiences and her motivations to housesit while she travels.”


©Exploramum and Explorason – our first housesit on our world trip was within Australia

The blog topic is:

How house-sitting enables my travel

and here is the article.

How house-sitting enables my travel


©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason in the earlier days of house-sitting where we looked after pineapples being grown on an island in Fiji, (and 2 cats, and a garden).

Housesitting is an amazing way to save money whilst you explore your homeland or the world.  

Here are two fabulous special offers, just for our readers.

  • House sitters 25% off annual registration until end of January 2016
  • Home owners – Annual registration is only £1 GBP / $2 AUSD per year until end of January 2016



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6 thoughts on ““WINNER” of the 2015 ‘New Voices’ BLOG COMPETITION

  1. Congratulations guys ☺
    And a good blog from you Louis ☺
    I have recently started housesitting and love it. Hope to do this for a long time. Done my first and got 3 more between now and April . Then I go home and stay for the summer and hope to get some more sits after that.
    Good luck you guys.

    • I highly recommend joining and experiencing housesitting – not only does it save you $$ travelling, you get to meet some amazing locals that often become friends; you sometime get to care for the loveliest of pets, and it feels like home away from home.

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