Vietnam Visa On Arrival – How To Get A Visa

Vietnam Visa

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Vietnam Visa on Arrival –

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, please be aware that many travelers entering Vietnam will require a valid passport with six months validity and a Vietnam Visa.

You can’t simply get a Vietnam Visa on arrival at the airport without the correct prior arrangements and legal documentation.

We watched in horror as a man arrived at the Hanoi Airport and waved his passport around expecting that it would ‘magically’ be approved for a Vietnam Visa – WRONG!

We saw with our own eyes and listened in astonishment as this irate man was detained by the airport authorities.


Because he had not done his research, and simply the only thing he had to do was to pay for a Vietnam Visa on arrival, and nothing else.

We observed in dismay as this man was rejected at the Visa counter of the airport.

What happened to him we do not know, because we had our Vietnam Visa paperwork, and our passports were then issued with the Visa On Arrival.

We left the airport to commence a fabulous month of family travel, touring this amazing country.

Maxwell Scott Passport holder

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Two Ways To Obtain A Visa

There are actually two ways of obtaining a Vietnam Visa, and we suggest you read up about these options first.

One requires sending your passport away, and I would never personally risk that.

And then there is the easy way.  You can actually collect a Vietnam Visa On Arrival, but it needs to be pre-arranged, and we found out about a great online service that can take the worry out of this for you.  This is what we as world travel experts would suggest to you.

We absolutely loved our time in Vietnam, and would highly recommend it as a great holiday destination for travelers young and old.

Vietnam offers culture, history, education, fun, and we found most of the Vietnamese people we met to be extremely kind, gentle and sincere.

So please click here to read more about

how to obtain a simple and pain-free Vietnam Visa

And – enjoy every minute of your time in amazing Vietnam!

Vietnam airline

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Please Note: Not every traveler will be required to obtain a Vietnam visa when visiting this country for business or pleasure.  There are several countries whose citizens have Visa Exemption (an agreement with Vietnam and their country).  These travelers will not require a visa to Vietnam. Also, not all those who enter Vietnam can be supported with ‘Visa On Arrival’. Please check the requirements to suit your personal situation.
All information here is based is advice only. You need to research and choose what is best for each person and situation and it is provided as a suggestion only.
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