Kenya is one of the most popular countries in Africa to visit, and we are here right now. Many thousands of travelers flock to explore Kenya’s beauty every year.  But besides heading here for a safari, the coast also has so many exciting reasons to explore that region.   Mombasa is the main city on […]

Top Ten Taxi And TukTuk Scams Around the World

This is a world-schooling article by Explorason – 12-years-old. With more and more people traveling the world, it is the time we wised up and put a stop to the would-be petty criminals out there that try and take advantage of the tourist. They see you coming.  Sometimes it is your pale skin, sometimes it […]

What Stereotype Are YOU ???

The world has to be commended for successfully, though not completely fighting off racism. At least most people can today walk any street they would like to walk on and join any school that pleases them. They can also buy meals from any restaurant without the fear of racial discrimination. In fact, I have a […]

Kenyan Girls Have A Safe Place

Girls Going Beyond Ministry. Built on the South Coast Community Church pillar of enhancing believer’s lives, changing communities, a ministry was born that helps Kenyan teenage girls. In our 3rd year running, we look back and YES! There is a story to tell. By Guest Writer – Mrs. Edith Waziri – SCCC Deacon, In Charge. Testimonies of […]

Top Ten Things I Hate About Travelling

10 Things That Genuinely Annoy Me When It Comes To Travel (in no specific order) This is a world-schooling article by Explorason – 12-years-old I love travel, but sometimes it can get reeaaalllllyyyyyyyyy tiring. And I mean REALLY, REALLY tiring. I’ve travelled to over 70 countries in the past 5 years, so you practically know […]

Top 10 Destinations To Visit Or Explore In Kenya

Kenya is an amazing country that spreads right across from the Indian Ocean and joins central eastern lands of Africa at her 5 borders to Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia. They say “Africa gets under your skin”, and to us, this is true, especially for the amazing country of Kenya. So, if you […]

4 Tips For Family Road Trips

Taking a Road Trip with Toddlers. Road trips are fun, but for many parents, the thought of traveling for hours with toddlers in the back seat is a nightmare. However, as long as you are adequately prepared, there is no reason why a road trip with young children isn’t doable. In fact, if you plan […]

Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me

An article by Explorason – written in Kenya, Africa. So here I go – another World-schooling article for all my readers/fans out there! (That is a joke, as I don’t know that I have MANY fans). Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me … And My Answers! Nearly every time I meet someone they […]

Why Are your Words Following Me Into My World?

There is nothing in life that is as important as self-esteem. It is the very thing that allows you to stand shoulders high before people and believe that you can be successful in anything you decided to do. Without it, it would be impossible to convince even the most potential employer that you are worth […]

Top 5 Worst Bugs Of Africa – World Schooling

An article by Explorason – written in Kenya, Africa Africa is NOT for the faint-hearted! There are many BIG and horrible bugs in Africa. But today I’m going to narrow it down to the “Top 5 Worst Bugs of Africa”. What else is there to say; let’s get straight into the list. 5: Ants Ants […]

Travel Bloggers Unite To Share Malta And Gozo Islands With You

In January this year, we ‘ticked’ another destination off our Travel Bucket List. MALTA !!!!! But what was so exciting was the fact that it was also my 55th Birthday celebration. Now,  thanks to Edward at Malta Uncovered, we have been included in a great article. You can read it too. 34 Popular Travel Bloggers […]


Bloggers….. What is the number one thing you lack? A recent survey of a number of bloggers all stated ‘TIME’. TIME. We all lack TIME. No blogger seems to have enough time. What is the number two thing you lack? In a recent Facebook group, a lot of bloggers were complaining that they wanted more […]