Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me

An article by Explorason – written in Kenya, Africa.

So here I go – another World-schooling article for all my readers/fans out there!

(That is a joke, as I don’t know that I have MANY fans).

Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me

… And My Answers!

Nearly every time I meet someone they ask me the same questions and it gets extremely annoying and repetitive.

Sometimes I want to scream and bang my head against the wall!

So now I’m counting down the ‘Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me, And My Answers.’

5. Education

Q: So how do you get a ‘proper’ education whilst I am travelling the world?

A: I do a combination of homeschooling and world schooling.

If you don’t understand what world schooling is, I’ll give you a brief explanation.

World schooling is where you learn from the people around you, anybody is a teacher and the world is your classroom. There is a bit more of an explanation at the bottom of this article too.

I understand that people may say that I need to stay in one place and go to school and get all A’s to get somewhere in life.

But I think I’ll do just fine with doing my combination efforts of world and homeschooling.

Plus, I went back to my school a year ago when we were housesitting in Australia, and I got 80% A’s.

4. Friends

Q: How do you get friends and are you lonely?

A: I make friends all around the world.  The problem is I’m always moving, so I have to say goodbye a lot.

Sometimes I do get lonely, yes.  But, a lot of the time I make new friends anywhere I go.

A lot of the friends I make, I meet them again somewhere else in the world too.

3. ‘Blogger Boy’

Q: Do you have your own blog?

A: Yes I did, I just don’t use it at the moment.

I used to run a website called Caveboycreeper and I also had a Blogspot website, but now I rarely post articles.

And when I do there on my Mum’s website.

I don’t use anymore because I’ve outgrown Minecraft.

2.  Homeless

Q: Don’t you miss having a home?

A: Yes I do.  But we are considering having a base very soon.

Soon we might be getting a house or apartment to stay in and use it to travel to and from as a base.

But for the majority of the time, no I don’t have a base.

1: Favourite Country (my all-time worst question)

Q: Whats Your favourite country and why?

A: Kenya, because of all the friendly people.

I really hate this question because I like so many countries – how the heck am I meant to pick one when we have visited 72 countries?  That is impossible!

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, I would be richer than Bill Gates.

I kid you not, I get asked this question so many times that it makes me want to use a toaster as a bath bomb.

This very question is the reason I made this list!

I could go on for days about how many times this question is asked to me. 

But I’m going to stop it here because otherwise, you will get as bored as I get with these questions too.

So that concludes my list of “Top 5 Things You Should Never Ask Me + Answers.”

If you ever meet me, please don’t ask me these questions!

Questions to our readers:

What questions do you hate when people ask them to you?? 

Tell us in the comments below.


This is an article by 12-year-old Explorason – written in Kenya, Africa where we educate via a method called world-schooling. It is a bit like home-schooling but it allows the learner free reign to explore and learn at their own pace, encompassing their current surroundings, in their own time, and with their own interests.

Right now he is interested in bugs.  We have also studied the local monkeys, and Explorason spends his days following his passions which include graphic design, video and YouTube creation and editing, music remixes, young entrepreneur business establishment, photography, and much more. You can listen to his music here on Soundcloud.

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    1. Hi, Leah.
      Explorason wrote this article so his points are from a kid.
      From an adult’s point of view, I SOOO agree and hate that question too!
      I have NEVER asked anyone how do they afford to buy their car or their home, but people think they have the right to ask me how I afford to travel.
      If they knew how I sacrificed and saved so we could go on our trip then they would understand.
      You too I am sure are wise and have made sacrifices most won’t do.
      You save and plan and you hit the nail on the head with this reply!
      Well done, and if we ever meet, I promise you I will NEVER ask you that question 🙂

  1. I wish we had done some serious travel with our sons when they were growing up. My parents actually took us to live in Mexico for a year (1963-64). I never thought about it, but we had some world schooling that year. We attended Mexican school, but I basically missed 5th grade. The earth did not stop spinning on its axis. Even though we didn’t do sustained travel with our sons, the younger one grew up to be a digital nomad, currently in Singapore. I think there might be a wanderlust gene.

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