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Kenya is one of the most popular countries in Africa to visit, and we are here right now.

Many thousands of travelers flock to explore Kenya’s beauty every year.  But besides heading here for a safari, the coast also has so many exciting reasons to explore that region.  

Mombasa is the main city on the coast, and it should not be missed.  So here are our TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT MOMBASA, Kenya and the coastal region nearby.


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1. Historic Sites

Mombasa has some of the most eye-catching historical sites that highlight its existence.

One of these sites is Fort Jesus, which was built in the late 15th Century by the Europeans.

UNESCO has since added it to its list of world heritage sites.

The historic sites offer a learning ground for those seeking to learn or a fun spot for those on vacation and willing to explore old ruins.


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2. Mouthwatering Cuisine

Do you eat to live or leave to eat?

No matter your answer, it is evident that food is part of life. Visit any restaurant in Mombasa, and you will enjoy some unique cuisines in the region.

The cuisines are inspired by African, European and Arab cultures, which means that you get to experience three cultures in just one place.

Kenya food is amazing, and Mombasa is the perfect place to try it. You can see some of Kenya’s great food dishes here and also along the coastal regions nearby.  Staying at Kinondo Kwetu is a great place to try exquisite seafood as you dine on the Indian Ocean shores with your toes in the sand.


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3. Community of Expats

Most tourists visiting Kenya fall in love with the country and end up as residents and prefer living in Mombasa. Now Mombasa has the largest population of Expats in Kenya.

Some have built hotels whole others are owners of schools and orphanages or are employed by international NGOs. It is for this reason that Mombasa has continued to be a home away from home for most visitors and has a huge European and British influence.

This means that you will find a lot of the home-away-from-home supplies you need right here in Mombasa.  That is a great reason to visit if you feel homesick.

That is a great reason to visit if you feel homesick. Yes, Come to Mombasa – you can read more about our visit to Mombasa here.


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4. Luxury Accommodations

In Mombasa, the beach is nearly always a step away from your hotel. It adds that extra special feeling to the luxury accommodation that you are promised when booking these hotels.

The interior designs are of high standards and often boast a Middle-Eastern fusion of Swahili style.  Employees have been trained to render services to customers professionally and some of the best ‘guest service’ in the world can be found in a Kenyan hotel.

You might want to get some cool breeze from the balcony of your room or just lie on your comfortable bed and let the air conditioning do the magic.


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5. Great Weather

In Mombasa, nearly every season is always summer time.

Mombasa has great weather that allows you to loosen up a little and hit the beach. It creates kind of a party mood that never seems to end even after the holiday.

It is probably for this reason that people know the friendly locals to be more relaxed and less worried about life.

Dining outdoors all day is a great reason to visit this region too.

This is definitely a reason to visit Mombasa.


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6. Numerous Entertainment Spots

If you are a fun loving, then Mombasa is for you!

It is a city that is fun by day and more fun at night. There are countless entertainment spots both within the CBD and in the outskirts of the city. You might also wish to attend concerts in the region since Mombasa attracts both international and local artists.

BONGO is one of the music genres that you won’t fail to hear in clubs and public service vehicles since it is very much loved in the region.

Check out all there is to do in Mombasa here.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Mama Sita’s shop in old Mombasa Town

7. Hub For Souvenirs

Mombasa is where creativity meets culture.

Since Mombasa attracts large numbers of tourists, the locals have continued to produce unique items that are specific to their culture.

They have been creative enough to add some aspects of foreign culture into their artworks since it is a region that has a great display of cultural diversity.

Every item sold in any other region of Kenya will definitely be found in this place.

This is also a place where fancy second-hand clothes (locally known as Mitumba) are found.

Here is a list of unique items you must not miss and a good guide to souvenirs of Kenya.


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8. No Congestion

Mombasa is actually an island!  It is not as congested as many major world cities. It means that you can walk freely on the streets without struggling to breathe or being pushed and trampled over by everyone.

The people are also very friendly and cautious in their interactions.

You might leave without feeling offended or offending anyone. Regardless of this, just try not to take the locals or anyone else for granted. Mombasa folk are here to say ‘Jambo’ and to show you the true Kenyan spirit.

Love is the language of the region.


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9. Beautiful Wildlife

The major thing that is most outstanding about Africa is its wildlife and why so many visits for a safari experience. Even Mombasa is a good base to do a safari – I bet you didn’t know that!? Check out the nearby National Parks in the region.

Without any doubt, it has the largest variety of wild animals, ranging from the big five to the unknown smaller wild animals.

In Mombasa, you will be able to spot a number of wild animals in parks like Haller Park. These are memories that will definitely last longer than your stay in the region.

These are memories that will definitely last longer than your stay in the region.

Even in local life, you can spot troops of monkeys including the rare Colobus monkeys and also baboons.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya Coast seafood

10. Exotic Mouthwatering Seafood

If you are in Kenya and want to enjoy some freshly cooked and flavored seafood, then take a trip to the coast and the Mombasa region as it is some of the best seafood in the world.

Mombasa seafood is always drawn from the surrounding waters, and this is the reason why they are always fresh.

Local fishermen go out in their famous wooden dhows or great fishing trawlers to bring you the best catch of the day.

It is only in Mombasa where cooked crabs will always taste like cooked crabs, and any other fish species will have you asking for more of it.

You can also make your purchases from local markets where fish is prepared or sold. Your options are literary unlimited and the fishing is carefully monitored to keep the waters safe.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Kenya coast seafood is divine

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