What is the number one thing you lack?

A recent survey of a number of bloggers all stated ‘TIME’.


We all lack TIME.

No blogger seems to have enough time.

What is the number two thing you lack?

In a recent Facebook group, a lot of bloggers were complaining that they wanted more ‘TRAFFIC’.


We all want more TRAFFIC.

Again, my blogger friends complained they wish there was a quick and easy way to increase in their monthly website reads and ‘TRAFFIC’ to their website.

What is the third thing?

And of course, there are a zillion companies all claiming they can give bloggers more followers etc on their various ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ accounts.


We all want increased followers and engagement on our SOCIAL MEDIA.

What if I told you that I can show you a solution to all these problems in ONE go?

Would you be interested?

  • It IS easy.
  • It is VERY professional.
  • It is a SMALL cost.
  • It is Not a scam.
  • It monitors for new work, so it does nearly ALL the work for you! 
Imagine your articles automatically posted throughout the year on your social media channels.

You wake each day to…

  • New readers on old posts
  • Shares or your posts
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Increased website traffic
  • New followers
  • Social engagement booms
This also means that you have the chance of folks reading other articles once they are on your website.
Well I found a fantastic way to do that and it is quick and easy, and it increases your exposure to old articles for twelve whole months.  
But, not just once, but nine times on each of the social media that you select.

Social Media future sharing of your blog and website articles can be done so easily!

All year long your old articles are getting fresh posts and engagement!
It is called Missing Lettr.
Your blog will be reposted throughout the next 12 months on several of your main social media.

It posts the blog nine times a year on automated cycles into

  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (coming soon)

It’s so easy!

Each time you write a post it is linked to Missing Lettr.

You can try  Missing Lettr 

for FREE today – CLICK HERE

Personal Testimony

Personally, I can only testify for what it has done for me with my website exploramum.com 
But it has really increased my readership, and also I’ve noticed it works for indexing on Google (even 1st page sometimes), and my Twitter engagement and likes of posts and are growing too.
I was not asked to write this article by Missing Lettr either. But, personally decided to do so today.
Because I saw a solution to so many of my blogger friends struggles, and I want to help you. To show you a way that has allowed me greater exposure, and is freeing up my valuable time.

Personal Journey And Regrets

Right now as I write this article I am in Kenya, Africa.
I have slowed down our fast travels for a while. 
Because, well, my blog was a bit of a mess.
Nearly five years and 72 countries of fast travel have all caught up with me.
Our overall approach needed a fresh look. It all needed a professional edge. 
It also needed a professional edge. 
I mean, we started out as a Blogspot blog, that was birthed in my friend’s lounge room prior to our travels.
I have decided to try over the coming months to change my website and social media from what started out as just a hobby (to motivate single parents to travel that talked about our personal world journey and world schooling) into a tool and resource for other travelers, and readers who follow our adventures.
One of my personal biggest regrets is that I wish I had set my website and social media up properly so that it was all streamlined from DAY 1.
I’d be so much further ahead.
But as I tell my son, “we are not born with a crystal ball, and we learn from our mistakes”.
But the good thing is that I can manually add old blogs into Missing Lettr so I can go back and do that too.

My old blogs…

Well, they are atrocious!
Poor grammar, bad layout, written terribly, no links, really ‘B grade’ photography.
But they are part of our journey, and so slowly we will go back and improve them, but for now, they can stay there, as a reminder of how far we have come on our blogging journey, and yes, we still have a long way to go.

And that is OK for ME to say.

And yes, how sad it is that other people can point the finger and mock me, or make fun of us, but it has been a time of learning and growing.
As a mother, I teach my son that we learn and grow, and life is a journey of learning, of accidents, failures, and making mistakes.
Those that mock; well sadly this is the lesson they need to learn in life as they look down at us from their lofty perches. I personally think they should look at life as a road that we all walk on – and that it is tough, but sometimes we can find a smoother and easier path on which to journey.

And social media…

Well, I never even had an Exploramum and Explorason Facebook page at the start.
So we have come a long way.
Yes, it sure is a journey.
But now I want life’s journey to get back to the real focus one more.
I want to free up my time; to work smarter not harder, and to share with you all what we learn along the way. To encourage you in life, and to help you get back onto the path of life you wish to be on.

I’m here to tell you – YOU can do it!

You can try  Missing Lettr 

for FREE today – CLICK HERE

Questions to our readers:

  • What would you do differently if you could start your blog all over again?
  • What would you do if your blog was so streamlined that you now have hours a week of FREE time again?
  • Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to know.

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