Fiji – The Land of Festivals

Fiji – The land of Festivals As we set off to explore the Fiji, land of festivals, we are informed there is a huge parade and Hibiscus Festival in Suva, and so our plans are promptly changed. Being on a single parent travel adventure has taught us to be flexible and appropriately make changes if […]

Deuba, Fiji – Vita Levu

Deuba, Fiji – Moving into the unknown Today I wake up for the day’s adventure of single parent travel, and reality hits home – we are off on a new adventure.  We are late! The Kava and drinks from last night had relaxed me. This was too much a luxury that our luxury travel experts […]

Fiji Fire Dancers

Fiji Fire Dancers On our last day at the resort, we wake up to a sign that tonight is a celebration. We quickly booked a dinner table with a good view of the show of the Fiji fire dancers. Luxury travel experts would praise us for choosing the best spot for an anticipated good time. […]

Head Lice And Holidays

Head Lice And Holidays “Mum, there is a party in my hair” – no it is head-lice! Yesterday we were meant to go on a single parent travel trip to Beachcomber Island but head lice and holidays suddenly form a new part of our travel adventure. We wanted to experience the fun promised to us […]

Single Parent Travel Loneliness

First thoughts of my loneliness as I travel with my son Tonight we head down to the local Marina – the taxi ride costs $3AU. We first visit ‘Big Foot’, which luxury travel experts and everyone else describe as a foot-shaped island where the bridge connects one of the ‘toes’ to the mainland. It is […]

Having fun with frogs in a mud pool in Fiji

Having fun with frogs in a mud pool in Fiji Today we decide to make an early start as we were venturing off so we could be having fun with frogs. We packed our lunch, snacks, and juice from the breakfast bar, don our swimwear, hats, and sunscreen, and head off walking down the Sugar […]

Fiji And Indigenous Fijians And Fiji Indians

Fiji And Fijians And Fiji Indians Welcome to South Asia – I mean the South Pacific? Our first day in Fiji we come face to face with a lesson on Fiji Indians and their culture as we are getting ourselves stocked up with supplies, so we head on the shuttle bus on a single parent travel […]

The Perfect Start to our World Trip – Fiji Resort Anchorage

Fiji Resort Anchorage We have arrived in Fiji.  Instantly the familiar buzz of this airport hits me, and a trio of men playing guitars and singing in their Bula shirts greets us as we are crooned into customs. Maybe this is what I was told to expect our luxury travel experts. All I can say […]

Teaching Children New Culture and Customs

Teaching Children New Culture and Customs We have been invited to stay in Sydney with one of my long-time friends who is about to start with her cooking course on teaching children new culture. We were teenage penpals in high school – myself in Adelaide, Australia; and her in Osaka, Japan. By then, we all […]

Tips for Feeding a Growing Boy whilst Traveling

Tips for Feeding a Growing Boy whilst Traveling “OK!”, so my friend Jakki says to me “and exactly how are you going to feed this growing son of yours while you are traveling on a tight budget?”  What tips for feeding a growing boy whilst traveling do you have? Very good question Jakki, and worth […]

eBay and How To Make Money

eBay and How To Make Money Making money both before you travel and while you travel without a “real job” (a traditional job) can be very tricky so we are going to highlight the topic of how to make money. Although I have already written about the many ways of doing this, I would like […]

Positive Reasons to Travel Around the World now with your child

POSITIVE Reasons to Travel Around the World NOW with your child We all need positive words and Positive Reasons to Travel.  But, if I had a $ for every negative comment made regarding my proposed trip, I would be filthy rich. I am shocked that one of the toughest obstacles in my life has been […]