Packing List including Bedding and Linen


©Exploramum and Explorason – improvising (This is me – we are on a beach in Panama – our sarong shade was a hit!)

Packing List including Bedding and Linen

1. Mosquito Net

I can’t stand sleeping under one – but if the mozzies are bad you may have to! Mozzies do like children’s blood more. So it might be wise to get even one, more so families like ours that are on a single parent travel with a child.

2. Pillows – Inflatable or soft small neck pillows

(No – do not steal the ones off the airlines please!). Your luxury travel experts can advise you more on this.

3. Sarongs

One each, depending on the number of people joining you on your family travel. This acts as a small sheet

You can also use your clothesline and make a sun shelter from a tree. It is ideal to put it down over a dodgy looking mattress.

4. Shawls – Large Lightweight Pashmina

Put these in your airline backpack, as you often need them on the bus at the other end of a long flight to act as a blanket. My son has a ‘boy colored’ one!

We also had a freezing flight that ran out of blankets – I daresay thanks to light-fingered tourists! It doubles up as a nice item to wear when going out.

5. Sheet sleeping bags

One per person – you can buy satin ones on-line cheaply or make your own.

6. Sleeping Bags-Ultra Small compact zip together

You need 1 XL, and 1 XR to zip together if shaped.
When you are cold you need body warmth – also good if you have a frightened child.
Make sure you check the warmth rating.
Size – Ours pack up to 20cm long – so compact.
Get packing!
Questions and Comments
  • Do you agree with my packing list above?
  • What other linen and bedding suggestions do you have for trips?
  • Please leave your comments below.

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