Packing List – Stationery and Accessories

Packing List – Stationery and Accessories

Business Cards

We have our blog addresses, our names (first names only is okay) and emails on these cards. I suggest you don’t add your phone number on them as the cards will fall into the hands of so many people as you proceed with your family travel. We used Vistaprint for this and were satisfied with the results.


This is great for Keys.


Ideal for keeping tickets and the likes. Your child can also use them to perfect their drawing and writing skills or just record daily occurrences. It can be part of homeschooling.

On our single parent travel, we decided to pick three journals (A4 lined for $10) that had a range of pictures on the front cover since they looked lovely. these were enough for a better part of our trip.

Pencil – Sharpener 

Not on the plane – it has a blade and can be taken. We avoided such a situation – thanks to our luxury travel experts who gave us great advice.

Pencil Set

I advise you choose the colored ones.


Choose a small plastic one. Don’t take the metallic ones since they might be considered dangerous in some places.


You will definitely not use them on the plane. However, it is still worth traveling with one.

Sticky tape 

Bring along a piece of roll. Make sure does not have any dispenser with a sharp edge since this will not be allowed on the plane.


I’m sure you can add things that work for you to this packing list

Also, carry some:
  • Rubber bands
  • Pens
  • Pencil Case with Zipper
  • Pencils – Lead
  • Eraser
  • Glue Stick

Questions and Comments

  • Do you get confused while packing your stationaries?
  • How do you keep them organized and reachable?
  • Feel free to share your comments with us.

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