We’re Listed In The Top 5 Solo Parent Bloggers of 2016

We were just listed in the top solo-parent bloggers of 2016. Interestingly a few of these bloggers have stopped traveling and settled down, but not for us – we just arrived in Europe and are heading for a white Christmas! Here’s to any single parents that wish to take the plunge and head off with […]

Serbia Newspaper Kids Article

Exploramum and Explorason are featured in the Kid’s section of a major Serbia Newspaper. So here is one for all our Serbian friends to read. Come along on our journey with us – even if it is just in print !!!!!   Click here for latest vacation deals and accommodation  

Explorason Tells You To Go See The World

Now is the time to travel the world. You might not think so, but Explorason tells why in his latest article from Matador Network. You can read it here. Comments Why not give him some encouragement as an eleven-year-old and leave a nice comment for him too? You can do that on the Matador Network […]

Explorason’s Advice To Parents Via Matador Network

Eleven-year-old Australian born Explorason has now been traveling the world for just under 4 years. He has been to 65 countries so far, and he is still traveling. Here is the advice he’d like to give parents in an article he wrote for Matador Network. Please take note, these are his thoughts, and the things […]

Family Travel Ecotourism Temples And More

Articles that talk about our world journey Learning Travels – Culture Travels with Kids by Marta … …wrote this great EcoTourism article about us visiting a Bear Sanctuary in the snowy mountains of Romania the Christmas time of 2014. Are ecotourism and family vacations an impossible match? And Sarah Osio from Travelosio includes us in her […]

Latin American Newspaper REFORMA Tells Our Story

World-school Journey by Analine Cedillo Cd. De Mexico, Mexico (March 13, 2016) Translation of an article by Google Translate. …..Single Mother, with a home mortgage payable, two jobs that left her exhausted and very little time to share with your child, Ruth Johnston’s life change was raised. “I thought, this is not the reason why I […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Photo Exhibit 2016 International Women’s Day – What is that?  Each year an amazing mother, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, and inspiring woman named Evelyn Hannon spend hours curating a collection of photographs of women from all around the world for her website Journey Woman This special article celebrates International Women’s Day. Both last year and […]

I’m 10. I’ve travelled to 64 countries.

I’M 10 AND HAVE TRAVELED TO 64 COUNTRIES. HERE’S MY STORY. Explorason is 10 years old. Not only has he traveled to 64 countries (so far), he has just written his second article for the famed USA travel website Matador Network. Click on the link below to read Explorason’s latest Matador Network article. I’m 10 […]

Life Is Like A Pressure Cooker ….

Do you feel like you are about to explode with the pressure life is putting you under? There is never enough time. You are not in control. You have to work so much; do so much; pay so many bills… Then read on – this five-minute read will help you make changes you need to […]

All The World’s A Classroom

” What is world-schooling? “ The Advertiser Newspaper asked us this very question, and we tried as thoroughly as we could to answer how we educate and travel. We are excited and pleased to share this terrific article written by The Advertiser Parenting Writer Liz Walsh. We hope you enjoy reading about it. Here is […]

Why Travel Has Ruined My Life

Explorason is a ten-year-old Australian boy. He has traveled the world to over 60 countries and is in his fourth year of world travel. Here is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ article he wrote himself about his world adventures, and why they have ‘ruined’ him. “I’m 10.  This is how a life of traveling has ‘ruined’ me”. Educating is […]

love to travel the world

22 KIDS WHOSE TRAVELS ARE SUPER INSPIRING “The common factor with all these traveling kids is the desire to experience everything our marvelous world has to offer. And the best news is that it’s never too late (or early) to start.” …. quotes Erin Bender. Read more about these incredible kids who all travel the […]