Life Is Like A Pressure Cooker ….

Do you feel like you are about to explode with the pressure life is putting you under?

There is never enough time.

You are not in control.

You have to work so much; do so much; pay so many bills…

Then read on – this five-minute read will help you make changes you need to take the pressure off.

Last night I woke from a dream I felt to share with you.

‘There on a stove top, an old-fashioned pressure cooker was shooting out steam from the top.  The pressure of the contents, combined with the heat of the stove, was almost too much for it to bear.

It looked like it was about to explode.

Yet I had extra contents to add to make the recipe tastier. I wanted to add more things.

What could I do?  The pot was already full.  The pot could take no more. It was about to burst.

If I took the lid off, the contents would explode.

It would explode all over the room showering the ceiling, walls, and everything around, leaving a big mess.

It would explode all over me, scalding and burn my flesh.

There was only one choice.

I didn’t have time to wait and turn off the heat as it (this was an electric stove) would take time for the heat of the burner to die down.

I’d have to use all my might (a full pressure cooker is heavy) and lift the pot from the heat of the stove, to slow down the pressure inside, and let it cool down.

Then I’d have to let out the steam.

Once the steam was all out, only then could I lift the lid.

I could take out some of the contents, or use the contents.

But only once the pressure was off.

Life is like a pressure cooker

When we were young, life was a lot simpler. We simmered along nicely.
Now life is more like a pressure cooker.
These days there is so much more expectation.
To own a home; to have it tastefully furnished; we must drive an up-to-date vehicle; use the latest technology; to send our kids to the best school; to have the latest and greatest vacation; to wear whatever is in fashion. The list goes on and on…
For this, we work harder and longer.

We don’t have time, so we shop online.

We communicate via technology, rather than spending quality time with our friends and family – especially our kids – who are also wanting the latest and greatest of everything because the media tells them they need it. So now our kids shut us out whilst they too join the technology train.
So we use credit cards and buy what we can’t afford.
We put more and more into life’s pot.
The pressure builds and builds until we feel we are going to explode because we can’t take the load anymore.
If this is you…..?

Stop and turn off the heat

If you take the lid off now, you might explode.
It is time to slow down and to turn off the heat.

It is time to recognize what has got you into this mess, and if things aren’t working, you need to let them go and move on.

Remove the pot with all your might from the heat.

With all of your might, you need to also wait once the pot of life is cooling.

You need to stop cooking, and making more pressure for yourself.
Look what you can do to finish tasks you have started. (Make lists of what you need to do to get on top of life.)

Stop the compulsive shopping and buying more of what you don’t need.  Once you have your goal, only shop for that goal.

Get your eyes on the real goals.

Don’t remove the lid while life is still steaming – or you’ll get burnt

With life, we just can’t run away to a quiet place.  We have got ourselves into this pressure pot of life, and only we can make changes to get out of the mess of having too much in life’s pot.

We are now so impatient and we want everything right immediately.
You don’t need to take the lid off and put anything more in your pot of life.

It is time to take the pressure off yourself.

Right now make a decision to change your life – this might need eliminating things in your life.

Then work out what needs changing – make the list.

Then work out how you are going to change it – decisions.

Now take the steps to free yourself from this pressure.


Less is more.

Decluttering frees your mind. There is less to fix.  Less to clean. Less to store. Less to fall over. Less to pay off the credit card.  Less to look after.  Less to sell or give away.  Less to wash – and the list goes on.

Try to sell off all you don’t need, or give it away.  eBay, Facebook groups, Craigslist etc. is ideal for this, and it is money towards your debts.

If you are financially secure, then give to the poor – don’t just throw things in the trash that others can use (that is selfish).

Live a simple life

©Exploramum and Explorason – Life is like a pressure cooker – Take time each morning

Quiet time

Nature speaks to us.  Each morning get up and have 15 minutes of quiet time.  You might like a nice hot tea or coffee. Sit quietly and listen to nature. The birds are singing.

I looked up the other morning and outside there was a koala looking right at me in a tree. Had I not stopped for my morning quiet time, I’d have missed this spectacular event.

Feel the breeze.  Watch the clouds more.  Feel the sun on your skin. Whatever it is…..

Don’t look at the jobs that need doing around you, this is YOUR time.

Live a simple life

©Exploramum and Explorason – Life is like a pressure cooker – Koala in our tree

Get out

When life is really hectic it is hard to find time to exercise, get out, or see friends.

This is all an important part of life, so make the time.

Make goals

Wrote your goal down and plaster it somewhere you see it daily.

It might be a holiday, a slimmer you, or something else.

Work towards that goal daily by eliminating things in your life you no longer need, and making steps toward the new goal (saving, planning, booking a ticket etc.)

Live a simple life

©Exploramum and Explorason – Life is like a pressure cooker – Coffin

You are no use to anyone dead – or damaged

When life explodes, you are left in a mess. The contents of the pot can rarely be salvaged as it was before. It’s gone.

Sorry to be blunt but this is self-explanatory.

Change your life, before it changes you.

Turn off the technology

Turn off your computer. Switch off the TV.  Stop texting. Get off Facebook.  Whatever it is, technology is robbing you of the time you have in life. Precious time with your kids, family or friends.

I’ve just left a stack of Facebook groups.  They are absorbing too much of my time.  Twitter can be another big time waster as you compare everything else to your existence.

Eat and Drink well

You need to be healthy.

Make sure what you fill your pot with is good for you, and not slowly destroying you.

Quit the cigarettes, drink in moderation; cut down the fatty foods, chocolate, sodas, and sugars.

Be practical so you feel better.

Make a decision to spend more time with your kids and the elderly

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow it is gone.

The kids will be grown up.  The elderly will be dead and gone.

Make sure you tell them you love them. Talk to them. Hug them. Play with them.  Give your kids 15 minutes a day or ‘your time’.


Love yourself

Part of taking the pot off of the heat means getting the pressure off you.

When the pressure is on you, you rarely make time for yourself.  Do it, and make time.  Even a 5-minute slot a day.  Right now decide when is YOUR time?

It doesn’t have to involve money. It might be reading a book; taking a walk; painting your nails; take a jog; deep conditioning your hair; or lying in a hammock gently swinging.

Start spending the time to care about yourself.

Now what?

I’ve made some decisions (and still making more) about changes in our life.

I’m letting go of some of the less important things.

If people want to catch up with me, they will. If they don’t want to, that is OK.

You can say NO

As much as I’ve done a monumental effort with world travel; educating my son; blogging; planning; surviving financially and budgeting; random acts of kindness; and exploring, this is not all there is to my life.

We are going to do more of things that make us happy.

Things that are not working and that have been too hard, won’t happen anymore.

I’m often asked to help ‘solve’ someone’s problems; to write articles for free to ‘gain exposure’; for people to travel with us (I end up doing the planning and being ‘Mum’ to another person), and a lot of other things that drain me personally, often with little positive results.

Right now I’m going to say YOU are the most important person to you.

You should have NO guilt about this.  Only YOU can put yourself first.  Only YOU can put your family as more important than another committee, Facebook group, sporting activity, or whatever you are committed to.

Sometimes I am going to say NO if I can’t handle any more in my pot.

Live a simple life

©Exploramum and Explorason – Life is like a pressure cooker – Kids in Fiji play together with old tires, not technology

Now the pressure is off

Visualise yourself being in that place where the pressure is off.

Only you can make the changes.

You can take the pot off the heat. It is your choice to use all your energy and it NOW.

It may mean carrying a heavy burden (pot) for a brief moment to remove it off the heat. But this is the only way.

Forget what society tells you about HAVING to own a home. If you can’t afford it, then don’t.  You do not need the latest and greatest of everything.

Your kids do not need another toy – they need your time.

You do not need more clothes.

Live a simple life

©Exploramum and Explorason – Life is like a pressure cooker – a girl in Uganda wearing a cement sack

Less is more

We’ve come face to face with people that own virtually nothing. They wear rags.  They have no electricity. They have little to eat. Kids carry water.

Yet they survive and are happy.

I’m not saying we need to get back to that level, but the less you have, quite often the happier you’ll be.


Find joy when the pressure is off

If you can find yourself to live a simple life, you will find a lot more joy. You can breathe again.

You will be in control of life.

The pressure will be off.

Live a simple life

NB: This article is a result of a dream I had.
Please note. I have NOT lost control of my life. This dream had a major impact on me, and I want to ensure my life never gets to that point – ever. Thus the reason for sharing this.  I look forward to life going in the right direction, and with less stress.



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