Encourage Healthy Living Every Day 

Like millions of others, your life is anything but dull. By the end of each day, you’re completely exhausted and end up leaving much of your to-do list waiting for tomorrow.

Today many people are simply not doing the right things to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are inactive, overeat, live with high levels of stress and have terrible habits.

The good news is that it’s not too late to make the necessary changes they need to feel good starting today and to keep it going in the future. 

Encourage Healthy Living Every Day

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Take Time Off 

It’s hard to believe, but many people simply don’t use their vacation time to go on vacation. Even though the economy is on the upswing, they feel insecure in their positions and worry that if they are away for a week or two they may no longer have a job.

You can encourage healthy living by taking time off. It is something everyone needs, even those who work from home.

Visit a new country like Australia and leave the job and troubles in your life behind, even if it is just for a week. 

Encourage Healthy Living

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Remain in Motion 

High-tech electronic devices are taking a lot of heat for the reduced levels of activity in not only adults but in children too. Not too long ago, children were always outdoors doing things such as running, riding bikes, or jumping rope.

Today, too much of the youth population is on iPads, Tablets, computers, and cell phones. They’re so busy reading comments and posts on social media that they’re missing out on living.

As a parent, it’s up to you to make the necessary changes to encourage healthy living for our family.

Limit the use of electronic devices at home to an hour a day and get your family in motion. Put your jackets on and head outdoors. You can take a walk through the park, ride bikes or kick scooters, walk along the beach, play in the swimming pool, or start a garden in your own backyard. 

Encourage Healthy Living

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Yoga and Meditation 

Stress and anxiety are something you may experience every now and then. However, if you feel this way more often than not, you need an outlet to relax and clear your mind. Yoga and meditation are two fantastic activities that will allow you to escape the troubles of the day and completely unwind. There is even Christian meditation too, along with conscious breathing techniques – all great ways to encourage healthy living.

Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat 

Much of the population struggles with maintaining a healthy weight. Part of the problem is the grossly over-sized portions served in restaurants and fast-food chains. It seems the burgers are two times larger than they were just a few years ago and the size of a large soda is close to a litre.

If you add up the calories from one meal ordered out, you may find that you consume close to or even more calories than your body requires for an entire day. There’s a simple solution: use take-out as an occasional treat instead of a weekly routine. This is another great way to encourage healthy living every day in a practical way.

Encourage Healthy Living

Listen to Music 

If you want to feel good at any point during the day, just turn on the old familiar tunes that you grew up with. Listening to music instantly calms the mind, replacing stressful thoughts with pleasant memories and soothes the soul. Don’t be afraid to get your body into the action, too or even sing along. Healthy living every day is for everyone.

Encourage Healthy Living


Eliminate the Sweet Drinks 

You might enjoy a soda or sweet tea; however, what it does is give you a quick pick up followed by a sudden drop in energy.

A wonderful alternative is ‘the clear stuff’ called water. You need it and it goes down smoothly. Plus, an hour later you won’t fall asleep at your desk, and it’s also great for the figure conscious too if you eliminate the sweet drinks. 

Encourage Healthy Living

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Consume Plenty of Water 

Speaking of water, the plain and simple truth is that it’s good for you. Most people know it keeps you hydrated; however, the list of pros for drinking water is seemingly endless. Even so, most people don’t drink enough. It can help alleviate headaches, keep joints moving properly, produce healthier skin, energize you, and aid in your digestion. 


Do you take charge of your health?

If so how do you encourage healthy living every day in your home?

Could you start feeling better today?

Encourage Healthy Living

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