Plan a Romantic Destination Proposal of a Lifetime

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and I have a couple of friends who look like they might be getting engaged.  Questions about the perfect romantic destination and favourite places definitely form part of our conversations, so with that in mind, here is an article that might just be perfect for some of you.

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How Serious Are You?

So you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve been with this person for a while now, and feel that you are more than ready to commit the rest of your life to them. You’re planning to propose, but are interested in making the proposal something they’ll never forget.

More than romantic gestures and the perfect ring, you want the love of your life to experience the surprise of a lifetime as you pour out your heart and ask for their hand in marriage. You need the perfect romantic destination to create that memory of a lifetime.

Tips to Plan A Romantic Destination Proposal of a Lifetime

Though there are lots of ways to pull this off, the perfect way to surprise that special someone in your life is to propose while on vacation. A destination proposal creates the perfect backdrop. Time spent away from your normal routines is already special when it’s shared with someone you love. Add to that the commitment of a lifetime and you’ve got yourself a romantic moment the two of you will never forget. 

If you believe a destination proposal could be the right idea for you, these planning tips will come in handy. 

Decide On The Location

The first thing you need to do is decide where you’re going to propose.

You want the location to have a wow factor or significant meaning to the two of you. Is there someplace your partner has been talking about going? If not, is there some destination that you’ve travelled to together in the past that you really liked?

Maybe you could travel to your native country (or theirs)? A final option might be to do a quick online search of the most romantic places to propose in the world and choose from the list. 

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Find Out if Your Partner is Free

Asking someone to go away for a few days without considering their personal or professional schedule is literally impossible. So, while you can keep the proposal a surprise, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to keep the trip a surprise.

You’re going to need to ask your partner when they are free and tell them that you just want to getaway. This allows them to free their schedules so that they can be ‘tuned into the moment’ instead of everything they have to do. 

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Book Travel Arrangements

You know where you’re going and you know when your partner is free, the next step to planning your romantic destination proposal is to book your travel arrangements. Look for deals on hotel stays, vacation rentals, car rentals, and airline tickets.

There’s also the option of proposing on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort for couples, so look into those options as well. 

Buy the Ring

Now that you’ve got the travel arrangements squared away it’s time to put some thought into the engagement ring. You can find affordable engagement rings online in various styles. If you’re not sure which ring is best, you can use factors like their personalities, personal style, passions, or ask a close relative or friend for help. Be sure that you have the right size ring as well by comparing it to other jewellery they wear. 

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Plan the Proposal Day

The vacation is a great start, but if you’re going to ‘wow’ the love of your life you need to start thinking about how you want the day to go. Decide how you want to propose, what kinds of activities you want to do, and even what you’re going to say. If you are getting friends and family involved in the proposal, you’ll also want to coordinate with them for inspiration and to provide details on the proposal so they can be there to witness the moment.

If you plan on going with a grand gesture like putting the ring in food, having the question pop up in the clouds, or sounding off fireworks, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following proper protocol and that you have arranged things with the proper people to avoid causing any chaos or getting in trouble. 

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After you’ve completed all the above-mentioned steps all that’s left to do is pack for your romantic destination getaway.

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Keep Calm

Remember to be calm, enjoy each other’s company in a new romantic destination, and when the time is right, express how you feel from the heart. The destination, tone of the day, that special place you find to ‘pop the question’, and love that you share will take care of the rest. 

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Would you select a place to propose that you could return and have the wedding ceremony there?

What’s the most romantic proposal you’ve ever heard of?

romantic destination proposal of a lifetime

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