Finding the Perfect Family Accommodation in Bali

If Bali is ‘calling your name’, then you might love to know that luxury travel experts offer great advice on why Bali Villas are becoming the more preferred accommodation choice by family travelers, rather than hotels and resorts. Having tried a myriad of accommodation types while on our single parent travel, we find ourselves echoing their sentiments.

Without any doubt, there are so many benefits you get to enjoy as a family if you decide to book one of these great Bali Villas instead of the other mainstream accommodation types such as a hotel room or a resort suite.

Here are some of the reasons we believe families embarking on a Bali family travel vacation should join the rest.

24-Hour Private Swimming Pool

We love swimming pools, and with private Bali villas, anytime is always swimming time. You can jump into the pool at any time of the day or night and spend the longest time in the water. Since you have the swimming pool all to yourself, you get to have some family fun in it, playing games, trying new swimming moves or just relaxing your body in it.

Plus, you never have to worry about hygiene since no one else but you use the water, like in a large resort. There is also some sense of privacy for those who are never comfortable showing part of their bodies in public utilities. This is the safest place to try on any bikini without being scared of stares, more so in a world of paparazzi, social media bullies and unwanted glares.


©Exploramum – Bali Cuisine

Eat At Any Time

Feeling hungry?  with your booking of one of the beautiful Bali villas, you can always request for a personal chef just in case you do not want to stress yourself with the whole process of cooking. They will stock the kitchen with enough food items and serve you with your favorite Balinese cuisine. At least you are always sure that the food is freshly cooked and healthy. With such an option, you do not have to stress yourself heading down the hotel restaurant or finding a restaurant outside.


©Exploramum – World schooling as we learn to use a buffalo in the rice fields

Perfect Location

You enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best location for your stay. With so many options, you can opt for one of the Bali villas that are located near a beach, or choose one within any local residential area. You can also book a villa with a great view of the mountains or rice plantations.

This is something you might never have the freedom to do, since luxury hotels are most often restricted to specific areas, with most of them not having numerous branches in a single region.

No Hotel Noises

The serenity in one of the luxurious Bali villas is always magical. It gives you a type of peace that is relaxing to the body, mind, and soul. It allows you to read in silence and have some uninterrupted yoga time if you love meditating. You also get to have a peaceful sleep both during the day and/or at night.

We have been to hotels where some of the guests were drunks, had loud parties at night and carelessly banged their doors on their way in and out of their rooms. Another had our room right next to the elevator so we found the chatter of guests waiting for the lifts at 6:00 a.m. very annoying.

Another time the resort was mid expansion and the builders noisily worked from the crack of dawn.  I’ve never heard so many guest complaints.

Noise pollution can be real, and very irritating and come in many forms.  These are experiences that no one ever desires to deal with and at such times when they are on a family travel where all they expect is luxury and fun.

Fortunately, we have always found a way of escaping the unpredictability of hotel experiences by booking villas. It is for this reason that we advise you try out Bali Villas while in Bali. It is all for the sake of peace.

Bali Villas

Spacious Enough for Family or Friends

With Bali Villas, there is always enough space for large groups like people checking in with their entire family or just as a group of friends. They get to stick close to each other or are even crammed together since there are enough rooms for everyone. This is unlike hotels, where families and friends are forced to book numerous rooms for their accommodation, sometimes not even able to book adjoining rooms or hotels rooms even on the same floor. It is even more disappointing when most rooms are booked and they have to check into different hotels. When the rooms are far from each other these guests feel some form of separation in a trip they probably hope will bring them together.

This is something that has happened to some of our world traveling friends as well as to us when we visit certain places as a group of friends.

Beautifully Lush and Private Gardens

Private gardens make Bali Villas more homely. Guests get to enjoy the beautiful flowers, trees and admire the different bird species that land on them. You get to understand the beauty of nature in its natural form while here. It sparks your imagination with ideas of how much the world can become a better place when people decide to preserve the very things that sustain life.

These gardens cannot be compared to those in hotels, which receive numerous visitors at a time lacking privacy, and with many of these visitors destroying them by plucking flowers and carelessly walking through them. Perhaps this is another reason you should choose a Bali Villa over a hotel.


©Exploramum – enjoying a private flower petal bath

Massage and Beauty

There is no need of taking your fatigued self into the township to a masseur when the masseur will come to you. Bali villas allow you the privilege of calling in a beauty therapist or masseur to come work on you in the comfort of the private Bali villa.

You never have to wait in line or worry about closing and opening time. All you need is to book the right professional and come up with a plan that best suits your schedule. Imagine diving into the pool, having a hot shower or folding yourself into your luxury bed once the service is rendered? This is what is known as villa conveniences.

Affordable Bali

Now comes the biggest surprise of all!  Bali villas can be very affordable. Since they are numerous and widely spread within the country, you can always get the one you like at a reasonable price. Remember that these villas are in different locations, which means you get an opportunity to choose some that are in locations where houses are very affordable.

Since the cost of living is reasonably low in the country, you get to enjoy your visits to different parts of the region from your Villa, without breaking the banks.  This gives you real value for money, and more money left over to enjoy your time in Bali.


©Exploramum – Explorason at a local Balinese market

Playing Area For Kids

Bali villas offer enough space for kids to run around and have a good time. They get to do this within the villa itself or around the private gardens. It allows them to loosen up and enjoy the moment without getting you into a mess.

If you are a parent, you need to know the things that your kids can get away with. Things like running in the house, laughing and screaming with delight (at times), and hysterically enjoying their play time. You have an opportunity to do all that, only if you stay in a villa but certainly not in a hotel or resort facility. Just make sure they know when to be crazy and when not to. Be a good parent by monitoring their actions without making them feel very restricted. Just make sure they are safe and responsible, or call in the services of a babysitter or nanny for the day to offer you added rest and relaxation.

Don’t forget Bali is a great place for kids to explore and learn too – and a trip to the local market from your Bali villa might be fun for them as well.


Bali villas – enjoy the breezes and privacy of your own swimming pool

Privacy for Parents

Family travel is a time for family as well as a time for self. There are those moments when you as a parent(s) will want to get into a room and have some alone time. A time when you recharge your batteries and have a holiday moment yourselves. Unfortunately, this might not be possible in hotel rooms since rooms are shared. There is a good news though – All this is possible with the space in one of the gorgeous Bali villas on this magical island. This is because, in a villa, everyone has his/her own room for your personal time, relaxation, and special bonding.

Feel the Breeze

Hotels and resorts often lack wafting and fresh natural air. They can be congested, with a number of guests smoking in the gardens and rooms relying on air conditioners, which can also be noisy – if not in your own room, then listing to the neighbors unit next door.

Though it might be easy to find a room that is in a strategic location with a good breeze, the headache comes in when you get a hotel room that faces an opposite direction away from the breeze and good vibe, or with no view. Since hotel complexes can be huge, the air flow may also cut out before it penetrates into all the sections of your accommodation.

Compare that with one of the luxury Bali Villas and you will notice the big difference. Bali villas might be smaller than a hotel property but they are also less congested and spacious, allowing sufficient fresh air for everyone in the villa. The gardens form part of this continuous cycle of fresh air and freeze that can be felt both in and outdoors.

Local Balinese Life

A Bali villa allows you to live the life of locals without missing out on the luxury. A walk outside introduces you to your neighbors, some of who hopefully become your friends, invite you into their houses and teach you about their culture. Balinese people are known for their calmness and hospitality so do not be surprised if this occurs.  We’ve even had a cooking lesson from a Balinese grandmother!

Interacting with local communities is something that we love to do since the knowledge we get from them is to us, always part of world schooling. You can definitely have a piece of this if you go for Bali villas.


©Exploramum – Bali countryside – planting trees is important in over farmed and deforestation areas

BONUS – Your Booking Makes a Difference

For every booking at the lovely Bali villas, they will plant a tree in Indonesia. I’d say that leaving a place a little better than you found it is a motto we try to always have when traveling, and here in Bali this allows us to do this also.


©Exploramum – Balinese cuisine is very healthy

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  1. Bali is going to be my next destination… I have heard so many people saying that Bali is a very nice place ..after reading your article I m sure that its a once in a lifetime visit place…

  2. Hi! Thank you for this nice post on Bali Villas. We are planning a 2-month trip to Java and Bali in early 2019 and were already looking into the concept of private villas. It’s good to know that Bali Villas aids in planting trees, that’s a definite plus!

  3. This is a dream vacation for my husband and me. I love that the whole family can find fun things to do. I wish we were swimming in those pools right now! This is good motivation to keep saving so we can take a trip like this with our kids!

  4. Thanks for sharing this information! You make some good points for choosing Bali Villas over a hotel and I can really relate to the no hotel noise issue. I also love that Bali Villas will plant a tree – good to know that we can give back a little!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the great information! We are debating villa over our usual resort holidays in Bali and I came across your article. Thanks for covering all my questions in the one spot!

  6. As a notorious hotel-geek I must admit that you’re doing a pretty good job convincing me that a villa might actually be the better choice in Bali. Can’t believe how much value you’re getting for money! The thing I do miss when staying at a hotel is the contact with locals. Being able to have that without compromising on service would definitely be a plus!

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