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First-Timers Guide To Bali

For many Australians with a new passport, they find Bali Indonesia very affordable and attractive, so here is our first-timers guide to Bali to help you book your dream holiday. Bali is one of the most visited destinations in Indonesia. It’s the most popular island for Australian travellers.  Recently I was talking with a friend […]

Finding the Perfect Family Accommodation in Bali

If Bali is ‘calling your name’, then you might love to know that luxury travel experts offer great advice on why Bali Villas are becoming the more preferred accommodation choice by family travelers, rather than hotels and resorts. Having tried a myriad of accommodation types while on our single parent travel, we find ourselves echoing […]

Here Is How To Arrange The Most Unforgettable Family Getaway In Bali

Family Getaway in Bali If you are planning to jet off to Southeast Asia for a family vacation, Bali is the best choice – yes, it is time to consider a family getaway in Bali. Most of us think of Bali as a romantic escape. But, that’s not true! Bali, the Island of gods, is […]

Pearl Harbor With Kids – World Schooling

Pearl Harbor With Kids – World Schooling We arrive in Honolulu and have booked accommodation through Craigslist. It is a high-rise building on the 36th floor with a mid-way glass balcony, which instantly makes me nervous!   In hindsight, I would not do this again because it is not up to our standard, and this is […]

Sightseeing on Kauai Island Hawaii

Sightseeing on Kauai Island, Hawaii Today we start out early while it is cool to embark on sightseeing on Kauai Island, Hawaii – part of the USA. We understand just how disappointing it is to have a very bad family travel experience. So, as luxury travel experts, our hope is that today’s single parent travel […]

Australians Learning To Drive In USA

Kauai – Hawaii … The beach life And Why Airbnb isn’t always fabulous Our single parent travel has so far been very interesting. No luxury travel experts would have prepared us for the great experience we have had because what we thought was an alternative and tranquil accommodation setting turned into a disaster!  We have […]

Honolulu Hawaii – Making New Friends When Traveling

Honolulu, Hawaii Tips On Making New Friends We have been on a single parent travel in Honolulu for a week. We received an invitation to stay with a family over there. This is the first time I have stayed with strangers and I am a bit nervous. We consulted with several luxury travel experts who […]

Top Things to Do In Waikiki With Kids

Top Things to Do In Waikiki With Kids We have been in Honolulu, Hawaii for some few days now. Life is VERY different from laid-back Fiji.  Here it is ‘go-go-go’. You might want to get great tips on how to survive here in Waikiki from reputable luxury travel experts like us or others on the […]