Defining Women Exhibition – One Sweet Lady

One Sweet Lady

Women all over the world are diverse in so many ways and today we focus on one sweet lady.

In recent years, Evelyn Hannon of Journey Women has run several online exhibitions of unique photography with women as the focus.  In 2016 we participated in her International Women’s Day event which was so great to be involved in!

This year she has a brand new exhibition, and once again we are pleased to participate in it.  We were asked to select one word to describe the woman in our photo and then to explain why.

I chose the word “SWEET”.

You can view the photo here in Woman Defined – An Online Photography Exhibit and see just why I thought this Vietnamese woman was ‘sweet’ to me.

This year in May, as Mother’s Day is upon us in many parts of the world, let us remember all of the mothers who helped in creating the human race we have now. For your own Mum, I hope you can choose some lovely words to remember her with.  For without her, you would not be here.

one sweet lady

©Exploramum and Explorason – Sapa lady in Vietnam

International Women’s Day

Photography can inspire the world.  Just one photo can make or break your day as you gaze at that image. An eye can hold it for a second, but a photograph can capture it for a lifetime.  This is the case with the one sweet lady we met this day. She was sweet. She took my hand and helped me in the rice terraces that were steep on the hills.  She sheltered under her umbrella.  She was one sweet lady in every sense of the word.

Questions and Comments

  • What is the sweetest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
  • Which continent would you say has the most friendly people?
  • Leave us a comment below and let us keep this conversation going.

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2 thoughts on “Defining Women Exhibition – One Sweet Lady

  1. Sounds fantastic!

    What a great way to honor women globally.

    I’ll add a word: Essence.
    We are the essence of life.

    As an artist and woman, I have a great appreciation for the elevation of women and art combined.

    Continued safe travels!

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