Before And After Your Safari

The excitement of planning a safari is always a huge adrenalin rush for most, as the visualization of wild animals appearing ‘before their very eyes’ occur s today we will inspire you both before and after your safari. Hopes are always high, as those going on such adventures always expect to have the best experience of a lifetime.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – on safri in Kenya

However, a safari is not just about the actual tour into the wild, but much, much more. It is about the feeling you have before, during and after the event, and the memories that you make that are with you for a lifetime.

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Many people seek the expertise of luxury travel experts and world travelers to help them maximize their dream experiences, and this includes the wonder and excitement of an exotic safari experience. As a single parent family, we have sought and found that one of our best bonding experiences has been our life of travel.  To get away, and to be free of technology, and mind-consuming gadgets that kids play on these days.  To leave behind the clutter of consumerism, and to be present in ‘the now’.

The need for businesses to accommodate for single parent family travel is becoming more and more apparent, with statistics now showing that up to 50% of households in the world are now overseen by a solo parent.  That statistic is huge and shows the need for the travel market to refocus and to include the hard-working parent that longs for a great adventure with their child or children as they venture off into the wild.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – our lion image on a skirt

Before And After Your Safari You can Be Inspired

Travel has definitely helped us to bond in a unique and exciting way. We advise that every family (or individual) sees the need for experiencing time away from the grindstone and day to day living, and to reconnect with themselves, and others.

From our experience, we have learned that it is very easy to create an excitement about a safari even after the years have passed. Here are some of the ideas you are welcome to ‘steal’ from us:

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – Exploramum with a giraffe

Before Your Safari

Our love for animals pushed us to do something simple yet extraordinary weeks before our safari. We did a research on our destination and figured out the types of animals we really wanted to see. From our research, we figured out that it would be interesting to have clothes with those animals on. We hunted and hunted, but found a real lack of printed merchandise, especially in Africa – of all places!

We knew if we could purchase fun clothing and items it would allow us to trigger conversations with those we met along the way. Not only that but our readers, friends, and relatives could see the fun and the beauty of going on a safari.

Our idea worked! Conversations were stirred wherever we went, and it was such a simple move.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason’s images on t-shirts

Because we had such a difficult time locating these items, we thought it would be a great idea for you to design what works for you.  What animals might you see?  What colors and sizes of clothing do you need?  Allow your kids time to research these animals and select from our range of photos and have them printed on many items that range from babywear to men’s clothing, and accessories.

Some of the items on which you can print the images include:

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason have great t-shirt safari images


I purchased myself two animal printed t-shirts before our safari. One of them had a picture of a giraffe while the other had a zebra printed on it. Explorason also had one with the image of a monkey on it.

I also purchased a zebra printed scarf that acted as a wrap and completed our jungle/safari look.

Many people that we met found them attractive and even started talks about the wild. You might want to get yourself a custom design safari t-shirt by doing exactly what we do – printing your favorite image on a T-Shirt.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason’s great designs on homewares

Cups, Mugs, Clocks etc

You will probably agree with us that printing a groovy image on your mug or travel cup makes them look very unique. One of the ideas we can suggest is to have order safari images of your favorite animals to be printed on any of the vast range of catalog items.  You will think you are out in the wild as soon as they arrive and your anticipation and visualization will start!

However, you might decide to have a picture of a person, such as a Maasai warrior or a location you are heading to on your safari.

It can also make your home look attractive and acts as a beautiful reminder to be prepared for your planned safari tour. It can be beautiful to have different prints on different cups. For instance, you might pick up five coffee cups and print on them, images of the famous Big Five.  And of course, you can keep them for after your safari too.

After Your Safari

You might want to get some souvenirs as you travel back after your safari. These have the touch of local artisans from the region you visited.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – After Your Safari why not remember the special time with a zebra cushion?

Art Pieces To Adorn Your Home

There are so many artists around in East Africa. We are sure you will find a number of them at your destination or you can go to a touristic market where they are often spotted. But it is very difficult to travel with an art piece, especially a flat canvas as the wood frame is not permitted in some countries, and also the canvas stretches.  Then rolling can cause creasing and damage too.

It is often far better to wait until you return home after your safari to have your favorite animal or place printed on homewares or clothes as a keepsake of your safari.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum – eye -eye!

Stationery, Phone Covers and Bags

Having a fab phone cover of an elephant, or stickers printed of your favorite animal is also a great way to remember your magical safari.  I personally have a zebra notebook, and I love it.

My office walls and shelves are tastefully adorned with inspirational art pieces from Africa.  Your safari might be over, but let the memories live on!

Whatever you do, having some unique safari clothing is sure to attract attention!

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – our gorgeous zebra pic on a scarf

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Please contact us if you would like us to adjust any artwork – we are able to change background colors, and resize in SOME instances only.

More About The safaris We’ve Been On Or Recommend

We have quite a few website articles that recommend different safari companies, places, animals to see etc.

You can read them here.

After Your Safari

©Exploramum and Explorason – our cute zebra pics can even be printed on clocks

Questions and Comments

  • What is your favorite wild animal?
  • Do you have a  beautiful photo of it?
  • Let us know through the comment section below.

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