Traveling as a Nurse – Opportunities to Help Others

A recent study by Bradley University revealed that the demand for nursing administrators is on the rise, not only in the United States but also around the world.

More importantly, there are a lot of non-profit organizations and aid groups who are looking for nursing professionals to help others in different parts of the world.

This is an opportunity to have a rewarding career while traveling the world at the same time.

To make it even better, getting a degree in nursing administration and the required skills to be a good nursing specialist is very easy to do thanks to online RN to MSN programs from top universities.

These distance learning programs are designed to help you acquire the degree and skills you need while working a full-time job or whilst traveling already.

You can learn more about nursing administration from Nursing Leadership Through Multi-Generational Differences, an infographic by

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Questions and Comments
  • What are some of the common infections you have had to deal with, during your trips?
  • How have you been able to handle them?
  • Let us know if the ideas in this article helped you in any way. We wouldn’t mind sharing more at your request.
By Guest Writer
Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.
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