Grand Canyon Arizona with some snow!


Grand Canyon Arizona with some snow!

We have just had two days of snow. We had made a quick trip to Goodwill Thrift store and did the rounds on a couple of other stores to find warm clothes. It was wonderful as they had a range of new beanies and gloves. We were also able to get some near new jackets, and some boots for my son. Believe me – it is cold!

I am impressed that my seven-year-old insists on getting the car ready for the trip. Alas, he is so slow and it is re-freezing on the window. But stubborn as he is, he doesn’t want help. And as impatient as I am, I find this hard. In the end, I fill the inside waste basket with cold water and throw it all over the car windows. And of course, it backfires on me, which is a good laugh!
We take the back road from Flagstaff so as to see more of the snow. There is a lovely little angular church we find on the way. It is open to the public any day I believe.
We then head for some time at the Grand Canyon Post. If you are heading to the Grand Canyon, you must stop here.
It is filled outside and in with quaint collectibles, unusual and interesting items.
This Indian has a moving head.
When you go inside, you will spot items hanging everywhere Even in the restrooms. We spent well over 1 hour inside, and their prices were great too.
Outside, there is a stack to see and do. Real Wigwams, old carts, and much, much more.
We then decide to head to the South Rim. We discover that it is a very busy place.
It is a long weekend. We discover that  National Parks are free on this weekend, so that saves us $25.
We taste the most amazing water ever! You can fill at the top near the visitor centre. Seriously the nicest water I have ever tasted.
We slowly head around towards the North Rim – driving. We have spent too long getting to the Grand Canyon and it is so cold. As I stand on the rim, I listen to the silence. We see the Colorado River way below. I feel so incredibly thrilled to have reached here at last. I honestly take a big sigh and smile.
As we drive, we slowly start to add more clothes on us each time we get out. I get to see a Road-runner which I thought was cool. I learnt that as much as I am in awe of every view when we stop, by the time we have done this for the 5th time, my son is bored.

We start to do a small hike but it is steep and we hadn’t bought water. It was also slippery from the snow. We, therefore, start to drive back to Flagstaff and only arrive when it is dark.

We head next door to the fireplace where there is a happy hour with some lovely wine. We get to spend time with the A.F.L. teams from Queensland. As we walk we have a snowball fight. We are really exhausted, but it was a fantastic day. Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world. I feel such bliss and elation that I made it to the Grand Canyon today! It feels like a major achievement to me.


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  1. Hi guys! How are you going over there! I was wondering how your son is enjoying it, are you glad you made the decision to do what you are doing, travelling? no regrets? Silly question reallly isn’t it! You look so much healthier than when you started out!!
    🙂 Kate

  2. Yes Kate, it is a fabulous trip. There are some tough day, but overall it is just wonderful.
    All I know is the world seems so much bigger, and no matter how much we see, there is so much more.
    It is definitely an incredible way for my son to be educated.
    And of course we meet such lovely people too 🙂
    Yesterday being Thanksgiving here in USA, there was a lot to be thankful for!

  3. Looks a great visit to the Grand Canyon, if a little chilly. I’ve spent 2 winters in Arizona now and have visited several times before that, but have never made it to the Grand Canyon. Something for my list.

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