George Town Graffiti is Gorgeous

We have just spent 10 glorious days in Batu Ferringhi on the island of Penang in Malaysia. ( You can read about our time here.) Once an island only known for its Betel trees (because the Betel tree fruit, the Areca nut, from where the island is ‘legend’ to have first got its name) so we are told […]

Perfect Relaxation in Penang Malaysia

We’ve just spent the best part of ten hours on buses coming from Melaka to Penang. Not one bus, but three buses! And not just driving, there seemed to be long waits where we sat for what seemed forever. On a positive note, the buses improved with each swap, with the last bus being executive plush […]

Visiting The UNESCO City Melaka Malaysia

We have just had the most incredible time in Singapore.  We have been here writing the Top Ten Things to Do for Kids and finished off with a great stay at the iconic Raffles Hotel. We wake to a rather smoggy day and the air is thick from the fires and burn-off of Indonesian fields. […]

Deserted ruins of Greece – Ancient Messini

Deserted ruins of Greece – Ancient Messini Ancient Messini – you will find it about 1 hour out of Kalamata, at the bottom of the Peloponnese set in the Delphi Mountains. It is a bargain price to enter and children are free. As we head through, there is only one other couple wandering around. There […]

Trench Trash and Art in Artillery Bosnian Style

Trench Trash and Art in Artillery Bosnian Style Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Today was a big lesson in ‘Border Crossings with a vehicle from Great Britain’. We have Insurance from Down Under, but the policy does not include countries outside the EU. I had forgotten totally about this. If you have a policy, check your […]

Slipping into Sibenik Croatia

Slipping into Sibenik Croatia 9:00 a.m. and we ‘hit the road’. It is lovely to have repacked the car, and sorted out things at the apartment we had last night. We fed four cats our leftover milk that had been crying a good part of the morning in hunger. And we drove along the coastal […]