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Guest Post.

Australia is a vast land with a population spread right across the country. It is one of the least populated continents on the planet, so when something exciting and new, or someone with great talent emerges we all want to know.

I’d like to introduce you to someone new. Someone you may never have heard of, who lives in a rural area of this Great Southern Land.

Here is her story. Introducing …..

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NARLA creations – a small online business that was started by an amazing artist with great talent named Lisa-Kate.  

She is a 25-year-old from a small country town in South Australia called Keith*.

©NARLA creations – used with permission

Lisa says:

“I first started making a few silicone necklaces and mucking around painting as a hobby, until a friend of mine told me I should turn it into a business”

… And so became Narla creations!

Between working as a roustabout in the shearing sheds, and also at a local tavern, it’s the country drives and beautiful scenery that inspire her paintings.

©NARLA creations – used with permission

“I decided to start making ‘baby teethers’ and ‘Mummy necklaces’ after a few friends had fallen pregnant and I was looking for present ideas”.

©NARLA creations – used with permission

“Teething is a very important part of a child’s development, and with my teething necklaces for Mums, it has a dual purpose, fashion for Mum and teether for bubs’.”

Paintings And Wall Hangings

Lisa-Kate also makes wall hangings, & keyrings which have both proven to be very popular. 

Each item is handmade with love and attention to detail, so your painting or wall hanging can be created in your color scheme knowing that no two are identical and you have a unique piece of Australian art.

©NARLA creations – used with permission

Country ‘Grapevine’

The country grapevine works, and it seems that through word of mouth quite a few items have sold and orders are being placed.

Where To Find Lisa-Kate’s work

Most of the sales are done via Instagram and Facebook.

New and unique items are constantly being added to her range of items, so check her pages regularly, or contact her for a personalized NARLA creation.

©NARLA creations – used with permission


Narla creations continue to produce some great artwork and beautiful necklace designs, and she includes postage on most items at no extra charge (within Australia).

©NARLA creations – used with permission

So why not head on over to Lisa’s Instagram or Facebook and check out some of the products to purchase,

or email

for more info.

©NARLA creations – used with permission

Guest Post by Lisa-Kate.

*Keith is a progressive rural town heading towards the border of Victoria in South Australia.  It is a great place to visit for a weekend away, or on a road trip between Melbourne and Adelaide.

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