Visiting Sygun Copper Mine Wales

Visiting Sygun Copper Mine Wales

Driving along the roads of BeddgelertGwynedd you will find the Sygun Copper Mines.

Having a son who loves Minecraft, he really wanted to go and see how copper was mined.

So we get our tickets and choose our hard hats. We decided blue was a good match, and off we went.

First, we notice the slushy orange waters along the railway lines.

We wander on through the tunnels and it is early great. Explorason is so excited to see a mine. I love it, as it is education coming alive.

We head to the first floatation area and we see where people have thrown coins for luck.


Exploramum and Explorason – Sygun Copper Mine #5

There we see the wooden bucket that would have been lowered to the mine area below.  This mine is about 100 years old.


Exploramum and Explorason – Sygun Copper Mine #6

Old railway lines and carts show how they would have transported the rocks.

We are given a fact sheet and it is a self-guided tour.  At each main point, you hit the button to have a guided talk of the history of the copper mine.  At parts, this actually scared my son and he wasn’t that keen to listen.  It was so realistic with the sound effects he thought they were about to blast at any moment.


Exploramum and Explorason – Sygun Copper Mine #8

There is an area where we had to climb a series of metal steps, and this was quite a workout.


Exploramum and Explorason – Sygun Copper Mine #9

You can see areas where the women and children would have worked.  There were dummies and we talked a how tough life would have been for these women and children. Working in the cold damp conditions. As we talked the date would drip down on us.  It was an eery thing to imagine life back then.

We came out to the cold misty air and the lovely hills. IT would have been a different story for a miner, back then to emerge at the top of the hill. Cold damp clothes would cling to their aching bones as they picked their walk home down the rocky path.

To the right, we pass the remains of a castle.

It was believed the ground was unable to hold the castle and Merlin the magician was called in. He told the king to dig under the castle, thus finding the copper.

The tour took a total of about 1 hour.  We saw explosive hand chiseled grooves, and learned a lot about the vein of copper that ran through this area.

So glad we visited – thank you!


Exploramum and Explorason – Sygun Copper Mine #12

Phone: 01766 890595

AddressSygun Copper Mine, BeddgelertGwynedd  LL55 4NE  UK.


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  1. How educational. Experiencing things first hand is the best way to learn. I hope it hasnt scared him enough to not want to work in aussie mines and become rich. Miss u guys. Luv u. Bj

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