Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye

Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye We left the lovely Invermark Hotel and headed through the country roads and past bluebell fields. Suddenly I see a highland cattle, and I pull into a farmers driveway and we all tear off racing back down the narrow road. They were mainly eating the leaves off trees. […]

Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon

Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon We had a great night last night at the South Stack Hotel, and then we walked to town. On the way, we spied the old Fort that had been turned into a church. Next, it was over the footbridge to get the car from Hertz at Holyhead. Once we had the […]

Carlingford Republic of Ireland

Carlingford Republic of Ireland historical town   Carlingford Adventure Centre and Hostel We were pretty amazed that we were staying in a hostel. In fact, it was so hard to find, because the front of the building is hundreds of years old in stone.  And it is up a lane that you can only walk […]

Granada Nicaragua Kids learn a lot on the carriage ride

Granada Nicaragua  Kids learn a lot on the carriage ride We traveled by local “chicken buses”, from San Juan del Sur to Granada. We should have paid a lot less for the cab to the hostel, but it was quibbling over $1 and I was not about to be left standing, so we took it. […]

Alejuela and San Jose Costa Rica

Alajuela and San Jose Costa Rica With deep regret, we had left Ecuador, and South America behind us. But at the same time, there is an edge of excitement for both of us. We were hitting Central America. At last, we would be warm again. We both love the beach, the sun, and the sand. […]

Encarnacion Hotel Puesta del Sol Canela Fina Paraguay

Encarnacion Hotel Puesta del Sol & Canela Fina Restaurant, Paraguay We decided to meet our Norway friends in Encarnacion. It is always nice meeting people you know while on a family travel since it eliminates the need for luxury travel experts advice. This, therefore, means that we save so much during our single parent travel. […]

Bonito to Campo Grande Brazil Then Onto Rio De Janeiro

Due to my foot injury, we’ve had two extra nights waiting to travel from Bonito to Campe Grande. Why We take A Mini Van This meant we are unable to go to the bus station and take a regular bus as I couldn’t hobble there, and the moto-taxis are motorbikes, which are useless with luggage. […]

Roads Blocked by 100 Trucks Force us to Fly to Santa Cruz

We have been waiting for a few days to leave Sucre. The buses can’t pass through the roads that are blocked by 100 trucks or more. This has been going on for some time now, as I later discover. Traffic We manage to get a great deal with BOA – a new airline here in […]

Lima to Arequipa Peru By Coach

We have just managed to get a great deal on a TEPSA coach to travel from Lima to Arequipa here in Peru. TEPSA is a newish coach company. Booking Coach Tickets They have a deal that two seats on each coach to ‘selected designations’ are massively reduced. So we arrive in the hope that we […]

Lima Peru with a Unique and Crazy Hotel

We have just found the most amazing 100 years plus unique and crazy hotel building that we get to stay in whilst here in Lima.  It is weird and wonderful all at the same time. Tired When we arrive we are quite tired, and glad our feet are on the ground, or in this case, our […]

Accommodation when traveling

Accommodation when traveling What to consider Accommodation when traveling is probably one of the most critical things you need to have sorted out in your mind before you head off.  If you are traveling with a child, or alone, I would recommend having a good thought about the following. I have popped them in alphabetic […]