Halloween for an Australian in Antigua, Guatemala

Halloween for an Australian in Antigua, Guatemala

Being part of a great group on Facebook for traveling families has meant we have been invited to join the local festivities for Halloween.

Last year we were in LA, and as Australians were Halloween is no big deal, this will be interesting.  The ex-pat community seems strong here.
So the first challenge is how do we dress up a child for Halloween when we are traveling?  We ask at the hostel and we manage to get an old town white sheet.
We Google ‘Ghost costumes’, and with a pair of school scissors, and a black marker pen, my son is soon the proud wearer of a Ghost Costume.
We meet at Central Park, which actually is the town square.
Here we pay the organizers 20 Quetzales as they have had to buy the candy.  This is a private function, and we are privileged to be asked to come.
Adults and kids (and a few maids) all run around with a map of stores and businesses to hop in and out of.
It is so well organized.
At one hotel, there are bowls of American chocolates and candies and the kids go nuts.
The decorations around the hotels were fantastic – and very classy.
It ends in a gorgeous old hotel.
The function is completely decorated, and there is a haunted room for the kids to win at games.  There is apple bobbing, and ghostly food and drink.
The adults can enjoy a drink and we wander on up to the roof that overlooks the city and looks out to the volcano. We watch the sunset and the lightning strike above the volcano.
We head to the famous MonoLoco Restaurants – famous for gigantic plates of Nachos.
One plate between 4 and there were still leftovers.
As we head back to our hostel ‘home’, we feel pretty happy.
Explorason has a bag of candy.
His costume looked fantastic, and he was really easy to spot in a crowd with the white which helped me too.
It was a great day, and I’m so thankful we were invited to join in with such a lovely group.
Questions and Comments
  • Have you been to Guatemala?
  • Have you ever spent your Halloween in Guatemala?
  • Have you ever engaged in any festivals while in Guatemala?
  • Please share your comments and opinions with us below.

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