Road trip around Florida Downtown Disney Day 9

Road trip around Florida Downtown Disney Day 9

Day 9 of our road trip does not start as we expected. It is a bit of a mess. We did our usual trip to MacDonald’s for the WiFi but later discover that it resets automatically after every 2 hours.

So we stay for another 2 hours. By the time we are done, it is almost lunchtime. We have been advised to visit some farmhouse since there is a fair next to it. It has a huge buffalo as well as a baby deer that we can feed. So we leave and drive. We drive, drive and drive.

After 1 hour I am cranky.  We stop at a Pawn store to try to get rid of the American cell phone that we used on our previous trip. He doesn’t want it. We also decide to buy some DVDs and head-on.

We get to the place where the Buffalos are meant to be. “More education for Explorason,” I say.

No! The buffalos have run away.  There are also no baby deer, and the fair is a pile of junk. I don’t want any junk. I don’t want to spend money. So we decide to drive and explore Downtown Orlando.

The GPS gives us a bum steer. It is not the most appropriate GPS. It doesn’t list the main streets. However, it takes us to a closer neighborhood. There is a funeral procession for a sheriff that had been shot in this neighborhood. As a result, the highway is closed and we can’t get to downtown Orlando.  We stop, talk and we decide maybe it should be Downtown Disney.

So we head off again. We hit the car park and take a bus in. The good thing about having a vehicle is that we have our own food and a change of clothes. Therefore, we do a quick change.

We head to the House of Blues. It is fun. It is cold and I don’t want to sit outside and drink; so we walk on.  We now discover it is a long weekend, and we had no idea. We go to the blowing but it is packed, though fun to watch. 

Next is the Harley Store and we enjoy this.  We line up for a few photos on the different Harley bikes there.

We visit many places but construction clothes seem to block most of our vision. We wander around and end up in the Rainforest Cafe.  It is groovy and we decide to come back later as we are not yet hungry.

The lighting is pretty unreal in here. It is in itself a wonder to behold.


My son is now Lego mad, so when he sees the Lego store, he races ahead. 

I must admit, he is creative. I am impressed at what he builds.  It takes about an hour, and as soon as he puts it down, a kid takes it.


I want to catch the boat around but soon it is getting dark. We look at the balloon ride and love the lake area, and then we pop on some glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets we had brought with us.  A granny in a wheelchair stares as my son connects it, so

A granny in a wheelchair stares as my son connects it, so Explorason goes and gives her a pink glowing bracelet, and tells her it is so her friends won’t lose her.  She is glowing with the joy of a child’s care, and I am pleased that he cares about others. He made her night!


Goofy Candy Store is next and we enjoy ourselves at the funny mirrors but decide it is time to go to have dinner.  

We walk all over Downtown Disney.  As we try to line up we are told it is 3 hours BEFORE we can make a reservation, though other places are not yet booked out.

We decide to head back to the Lakes area to be close to Legoland when morning comes.  I am still aching and sunburnt from yesterday’s experiences. I am also tired. Really tired.

Where do we end up in for dinner?  The pizza shop with the floral chairs, old grannies and the chairs on wheels that we refused to go to yesterday. But today is not Valentine’s Day, so we don’t mind.

We have a voucher for a free pizza if we buy one, and tonight is a bit quiet. The guy brings us a free drink. The pizza is massive, and we have 2 of them.  It is a bargain night. We sit and color in together and are quite relaxed.  We have barely spent any money today apart from fuel and car hire.  It turns out to be a long and relaxing dinner, and we head off to sleep in at a place near Walmart.

There is an area on the side, away from the main road with about 10 vehicles. We find a private place to park our vehicle and try to keep warm as we slowly fall into deep sleep. Tomorrow night I am leaving this cold area of Florida. It is too cold.

Anyway, I am pleased that we ended up turning a bad start into a pretty packed and happy day. Yes!

Questions and Comments

  • What fascinates you about Florida?
  • Are you a Disneyland freak?
  • Have you been to Legoland?
  • How was the experience?
  • Do share your opinions and comments with us below.



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