Boquete Chiriqui Highlands – Waterfalls and National Park

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

– Waterfalls and National Park-

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – Entry to Boquete Chiriqui Highlands Waterfalls and National Park area – Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

Bienvenidos from Boquete Chiriqui Highlands!  Today is a day to explore the surrounding Boquete mountains and the gorgeous area around us. Thanks to some local luxury travel experts, we already know what to expect on this exciting single parent travel experience. At the bus station, we can see a number of locals who also seem to be on a family travel. It seems like there are so many people who like us, are also on a family travel adventure. We hop into the mini-bus to Alto Lino. 

A majority of the people in this vehicle are locals and I have my piece of paper and map to where we want to go.  We have learned that writing out the location and bus details either from the internet or with the help of a local.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – in the minivan heading to the mountains

Local Expat Help

When we get to the road where we need to get off the minivan, the sign points the other way up the hill. But an eager American hiker joins us. He is older and fitter than me and pounds up the hill to Boquete Chiriqui Highlands area.

As we just about jog, I can barely keep up with him. He tells me of his real estate purchase around the area, including a piece of the island nearby.

Must say I was a little jealous!

Not Paying

We find a gate that has a sign informing us that we need to pay to access the area. He tells us that this is new and he has never paid before. So we ignore it and head on just as he does.


We commence our walk to Senderos La Piedra da Lino and to Waterfall Casualidad – the trail Sendero Los Quetzales.
It is great as our new jogger friend takes a photo of us – a rare thing out in nature.
Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – heading out on our hike

We walk over many creeks and streams and of course, I slip and fall in. Wet feet to hike with – hmmm.

I let him go ahead. I need a nature break of a different kind! We hike on for well over an hour. But we take it easy and take several photos.

Howler Monkeys

At the same time we are listening to Howler Monkeys, and watching butterflies. Then we meet a group of bird-watchers.

They are paying for a tour in the hope of seeking out the elusive Quetzal here in Boquete Chiriqui Highlands.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – bubbling brooks calm us on our hike

When we reach the top, I sit and watch some hummingbirds. It is peaceful and nature is just awesome.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – Entry to Boquete Chiriqui Highlands Waterfalls

We see a variety of fungus and flowers growing and this is a good world schooling lesson for Explorason.

beautiful nature

©Exploramum and Explorason – worldschooling lesson

The trees reach to the sky as we seek to find the Howler Monkeys. My son was a dot at the base of this one.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – stunning forest trees

The begonias are ‘to die for’. I think of my old garden back in Adelaide and all the plants that just grow wild here vs the ones I paid a fortune for when there. I think of the hours I used to tend it, and how things are just in bloom – especially the wild Bird of Paradise and Agapanthus – it is incredible.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason is enjoying nature today

World school time

We stop and look at the morning dew on the spider webs. Once we start to look, we discover that nature is just giving us the best display and this really is a great time to embark on worldschooling.

spider's web

©Exploramum and Explorason – beautiful spider’s web

Quetzal spotting

And yes!  We see a rush of color before us. A Quetzal flies right before us.  It has cost us all of $6 each way by bus. The bird watching group paid $39.  They never got to see the Quetzal and we did. We do a little victory dance right there on the path.

It’s nice when nature gives us a treat!

Clouds appear

As we leave, the clouds roll in. My son falls through the thin steps of the walk over a bridge at a creek. He has taken all his skin off the front and back of his leg and he is in a lot of pain – poor kid.

He wants to go back to the accommodation and do some maths and have a rest and I think that is a great idea.

No more waterfalls today. We head back to town in a mini-bus once more.

Boquete Chiriqui Highlands

©Exploramum and Explorason – clouds roll in


The flower and coffee festival is still in full swing so we wander around town. The square is just lovely as the waterfall dances to lights and various heights.

Boquete town square

©Exploramum and Explorason – enjoying the town square

Boquete is a very pretty town and I suggest a visit – but not a stay when the festival is on, due to the night noise.

…But it is so pretty!

What happens that ends our time here as a bit of a disaster?  Find out in our next article.

Questions and Comments

  • Ever heard of the Boquete Chiriqui highlands?
  • What experiences do you have from touring the place?
  • Do share your thoughts and comments with us.

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