Tienda Museo Antique woven fabric store in Cuzco

Tienda Museo Antique woven fabric store in Cuzco

We had made friends with an Australian couple when we were in Copacabana.
They had already been to Cuzco and told us we HAD to go to a small shop off the main square.
We were told we would recognize it when we got inside because on the wall was a picture of the owner’s mother, with…Mick Jagger!

Once inside, we found the owner so friendly.  We told them how we had been recommended to visit his store, and he asked if my son could have his photo taken with his mother.
No fame is in sight for us, so it was a bit of a compliment.

Once inside we discovered a treasure trove of antiques.
Not just fabrics, but many trunks.  This one has bullhorns for the legs.

The tassel collection was so colorful.
I could see them in an Arabian harem, tying back the curtains, or decorating an Indian elephant.
Or for that matter, hanging off the end of a colorful hammock.

We then discovered the old handwoven poncho’s.
Most were fairly plain, but a few stood out in bright colors.
I was surprised to learn that a few were worth thousands of dollars.

Our next surprise was a visit downstairs.
Oh my!  There was rugs, and fabric, and ponchos, and caps, and prayer cushions.
The array was endless.

The most surprising thing though was that the owner picked up a children’s pinch and put it on my son.
The fun then started.  He set him up amongst the rugs, and they created all sorts of poses.
I did nearly flip when I found the poncho was worth $750, and my son was playing in it!

We must have spent an hour in this store.
The owner, Pablo is so lovely.
He obviously has a passion for his work.

I hope we can visit him again one day.

Tiendo Museo
De: Josefina Olivera e Hijos
Portal Comercio 173
Plaza De Armas Cusco – Peru

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3 thoughts on “Tienda Museo Antique woven fabric store in Cuzco

  1. Hola to both of you …so pleased you got to visit this amazing place in Cusco..keep enjoying your travels…only been back a week but have the travel bug! Jacky and Stephen (from Copacabana!)

  2. Hey Jacky and Stephen – we have thought of you often and you were the reason we went here – fabulous place and a lovely guy! We knew we were in the right place as soon as we saw Mick Jagger! Hope you enjoyed your travels and was great to cross paths – keep in touch 🙂

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