World Schooling and Unschooling Online Games For Kids

When traveling, world schooling and unschooling online games are often good to keep your child stimulated.

We’ve recently published an article on the great websites to use as resources and you can explore those options here.
But when it comes to games, here are some suggestions.

Some of the websites (mostly for older students but a few for younger) that offer online classes or activities. Many are fun games that teach you how to type, or to explore. Others incorporate education in a fun and interactive way to learn.



This one is a resource for kids/adults:

Ancient Rome resources: 

Thanks to Carmen Matlock, Aadel Bussinger and 6 others in Christian Unschooling sites for some of these suggestions

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education-Mark Twain “

Unschooling Online

Unschooling online can be so much fun.  Online games, educational sites and even Google all play a key part in children learning as an alternative form to the classroom.

Questions and Comments

  • Do you realize kids can learn whilst they play games?
  • What online games do you recommend to other parents?
  • Are there any online games you don’t recommend?
  • Do you do unschooling online?
  • Please tell us in the comments below – we’d love you to share your insight with other families who might also be using alternative education
unschooling online

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