Overseas checklist – Toys for the trip

Overseas Checklist – Toys for the trip

Toys and Games you may wish to take with you

Entertaining a child on long flights and when flights delay may be very taxing. Airlines will usually give them a play kit, but chances are that you will be using the same airline on several occasions during your family travel and the child can get bored with receiving the same handouts every time. You really need a variety of items for entertainment more so if you are on a single parent travel as you will be told by any luxury travel experts.    

General Toys for the trip

1. An inflatable world globe.

You can make a game where he can throw it to people in the waiting room and they can show him the country they are from.

Can get people talking, but check to see it is not annoying.

Also, check how you feel about your child talking to strangers. You can play roll the ball in a corner too.
Deflate the globe when the game is over.

This is great for the pool too.

2. Trash Packs

This is easy to store.
It is small though not that small.

3. Mighty Beans

Great to collect and also small

You also think of:

  • Small hanging toys you can clip to their backpack
  • Small collectible toys
  • Toy soldiers: Small and easy to pack, can be political in some countries I am told
  • Yoyo
  • Pack of Cards
  • Magnetic board games especially for travel
  • Cars, trucks etc.  Matchbox etc

When your child becomes bored with their toys, encourage them to give them to the village children.

We gave away stacks of them on our last three trips – it became addictive to give!

©Exploramum and Explorason – sharing toys

Books and Activities

Puzzle Books
Colouring in – remember the colored pencils and sharpener
Balloons are ideal – they take almost no space.

Electronic Games and Toys for the trip

Remember the power chargers!
 DSi – can take photos and can be expensive, so ensure they are not left on planes
Can buy an R4 card on some websites that hold 20 – 40 games as a cheaper option
 iPod with touchscreen
Besides loading it with games, you can add a movie, all the child’s photos, and some educational apps including languages.
Packing sand and beach toys are also important if you have young ones.

Other sitting activities and rest time

Planes and buses are also a great time to catch up on your child reading to you, doing their journal, and other studies. Use your sitting time as a classroom, and remember to give the child enough breaks.

Encourage the child to get up and walk the aisles with you, to drink lots of water, and if need be, catch up on sleep. Try to get some sleep yourself, as you are in total control and sleeping in a plane, provided that your valuables are tucked away, is pretty safe.

Try to limit the time your child has on electronic equipment. Early days of the wrist, thumb, and eyestrain are the new health issues among minors.

There is a great selection of Apps you can add to iPods and computers for kids to have fun while learning.
Try to offer at least one of these sessions. Fun with Mathematics is a great one to use.

A favorite toy in all the photo’s

You can make a bit of an adventure of Rupert the Bear or whatever their favorite toy is to be in some photos too.

Can you suggest some others Toys for the trip?

We would love you to suggest some great things for us that won’t weigh us down too much.
Questions and Comments
  • Do you carry your child’s toys while traveling, or would you rather buy them new ones?
  • How else do you keep your child entertained throughout the trip?
  • kindly share your comments below.

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