Adjusting Following a Job Relocation

Job Relocation Will you soon need to relocate for your job? If so, you’re definitely not alone as job relocation is on the rise. Millions move for their jobs each year. However, moving to a new place can be demanding, whether or not it’s for work. You need to adjust to a new role at […]

Relax and Unwind

It nearly time to relax and unwind and each year you look forward to taking your vacation. It offers a way to escape your otherwise hectic life. Listed before are a few ways to make the most of your vacation and keep the focus on fun. Relax and Unwind Ways to Make the Most of […]

Packing List Tips

Would you like some great Packing List Tips? 22 Traveling families have pooled their ideas on the essential travel items they use to give you some great ideas about what you should pack for your next family vacation and give you their Packing List tips. You can read the article here as they talk about all […]

Essential Packing List For Your Next Vacation

Essential Packing List For Your Next Vacation You are about to head off on your next vacation and you aren’t quite sure what to pack. So let us assist you with an essential packing list you should refer to. We know, because as world travel experts we have now visited over seventy countries in the […]

Checklist For International Travel

Whether you are a frequent flyer or traveller, or this is the first vacation you’ve ever been on, here are some fabulous tips and a few hard rules. If you follow these, you will never feel overwhelmed or panic that you are forgetting to bring, or do something. BE PREPARED In the weeks leading up […]

Ladies, Let’s Get Packing For Your Cruise

Australia is cold and wintery right now and is experiencing a bitterly cold season. So we’re thinking that either a cruise, or a trip to a warmer destination like one of the Pacific or Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean, or maybe even S.E. Asia, might just be next on our agenda. We loved when we cruised […]

Luxury Travel Packing List

Before you set foot on that next airplane, it is time to pack your case. Whether it is a business trip or time for a luxury holiday, you want to look your best. You also don’t want to lug a case full of clothes and accessories that weigh a ton and want to ensure a good […]

#1 Carry On Hard Case Luggage With Laptop Access

Having traveled the world for nearly four years pretty well continuously, we have become experts on functional, stylish, and practical luggage. I’ve been through many a bag, backpack, knapsack, suitcase, and rolling bag. And the quest has continued to find the most practical lightweight bag that suits both Exploramum and Explorason. We’ve found that the […]

What is one thing you couldn’t travel without ?

What is in their backpack, rucksack, or suitcases? Have you ever wondered what top long-term travelers say they can’t live without? Here is an article where they feature what Exploramum has carted all over the world with her. READ IT HERE Traveling over many continents, and to 64 countries so far, here is our item […]

The Travelers Perfect Packing List

Sponsored Post It’s true that when you first begin nomadic travels as a family, you are bound to over pack. As the days, weeks, months (and sometimes years) go by…you more seriously evaluate how often you use each item in your pack, and how essential it is. Is it worth hauling?  Is it worth packing […]

The secret to successful packing

The secret to successful packing We are excited !! Our Eagle Creek packing cubes have arrived. If you have not used Packing Cubes in the past, well let me tell you, they are an organized traveler’s secret. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes We’ve been traveling the world for two years now, and life is pretty amazing. […]

Packing List for Clothing and Shoes

Packing List for Clothing and Shoes How to pack We are currently planning a single parent travel to the Tropics and so have collated our own Packing List for Clothing and Shoes that we hope will assist you.  People taking such family travel are encouraged by luxury travel experts to carry along clothes that have […]