A Great Discovery – The Three Gums Bistro

How fabulous is this? I am looking at an art deco wooden bar fridge in superb condition.  It is definitely the central feature here, laden with quality South Australian wines. We had been on an afternoon walk around the Hahndorf Resort grounds where we were staying and wandered into the Three Gums Bistro just before sunset. […]

Hahndorf Resort Where Families Play And Stay

This is Hahndorf Nestled in the foothills of Adelaide, lies a small German Town named Hahndorf.  Few know that the Germans played a huge part in the settlement of South Australia. Being Adelaide born and bred, we both decided to stay in Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park, but what we failed to realize, was that there […]

#1 Carry On Hard Case Luggage With Laptop Access

Having traveled the world for nearly four years pretty well continuously, we have become experts on functional, stylish, and practical luggage. I’ve been through many a bag, backpack, knapsack, suitcase, and rolling bag. And the quest has continued to find the most practical lightweight bag that suits both Exploramum and Explorason. We’ve found that the […]

A Rare Treat – Flying In A Tiger Moth

Being back in Australia means it is giving us an opportunity to explore our own homeland. A rugged and often barren land that I grew up in. With camping trips away nearly every school holidays, travel and exploring were birthed within me, in a way, by my parents. It’s school holiday time, so we’ve just […]

Home Away From Home Bayview Apartments Glenelg

Home Away From Home  with Bayview Apartments Glenelg, South Australia Adelaide is known as ‘The City of Churches’; ‘The City of Festivals’; and ‘The City of Beaches’. The most famous of those beaches being Glenelg, where the original tram line still runs from Adelaide city to the coast. Here the famed old ship “The Buffalo” […]

What is one thing you couldn’t travel without ?

What is in their backpack, rucksack, or suitcases? Have you ever wondered what top long-term travelers say they can’t live without? Here is an article where they feature what Exploramum has carted all over the world with her. READ IT HERE Traveling over many continents, and to 64 countries so far, here is our item […]

Packing List for Clothing and Shoes

Packing List for Clothing and Shoes How to pack We are currently planning a single parent travel to the Tropics and so have collated our own Packing List for Clothing and Shoes that we hope will assist you.  People taking such family travel are encouraged by luxury travel experts to carry along clothes that have […]

Packing List for Food and Utensils

Packing List for Food and Utensils It is a great idea to have a Packing List for Food and Utensils and so please enjoy the one we have written below for your family world travel adventure. Food, Drink, Utensils and Sundries in alphabetical order Bottle stopper or cork What do you do with half a bottle […]

Some things to do before going overseas with a child

Some things to do before going overseas with a child Planning, preparing, then – finally – going Preparing to go overseas on a family travel for an extended time takes A LOT of preparation and planning. It requires more preparation if you are a single parent considering a single parent travel life and so things […]