Road trip around Florida Lake Wales Day 7


Road trip around Florida, Lake Wales Day 7

We wake to feel snuggly and warm from the horrible weather that came in yesterday.

Our hotel room was the best choice.

The heavy patter of rain on the metal roof of the cargo van, the sheer coldness, and the inability to go to the bathroom in the rain made us select a hotel.

I think I am also tired.

We have free wi-fi and we can get our laundry done, and go and shop.

I need today off.

We end up spending time until well in the afternoon catching up on our internet use for my son, and washing clothes are repacking for me.  I had some food so could make a great coffee and a meal too.

My son decides he will do some school work and is sitting on the floor practicing his writing when we hear the police pull up next door.

Oh great.  My son goes to the window and next we see a couple lead out with a couple of bags of substance.

So today’s world schooling focuses on drugs.  We see the deadbeats.  But we also have a lesson on co-operating with police, and the guy is wanting to put on his own handcuffs.  Now most would be scared of this. But there are no weapons, and it is outside, and we are inside (but we can hear pretty well).

I believe you use what you see as world-schooling. We talk about ‘what was in the bag’, and what it does to people.  We talk about how people get drugs; why drugs are bad; and why some-one clearly reported them for their actions.

Now it is time to go out and get some groceries.

When we come back there are some lovely girls playing outside.  They ask my son to play and he is pretty happy about this.  I am pretty surprised how kids don’t feel the cold, yet it is freezing.

They are so cute.  Next thing they are swapping contact information and messages are coming for Facebook friends for me.

We give them a pile of stuff we don’t want anymore. Books my son has read, and summer clothes and shoes I am finished with.

That night the girl comes in with 2 lovely pizzas for us.

It is the eve of Valentine’s Day and the want to all give things to each other.

I watch as the three sit outside my window.  It is getting late in the evening, but they are happy and are enjoying their friendship.

I am glad we stopped for a day.

I wish we had longer. I really, really do.


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