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Buying a car in England and driving in the Europe

Foreigners buying a car in England and driving it in Europe I’m writing this blog with detailed information, in the hope, it can assist other travelers not to waste hours and hours of their precious traveling time running around in circles. There is so little information on buying a vehicle overseas, so I hope this contains […]

Best Websites Home Schooling Unschooling World Schooling

World schooling is using the world as your classroom. Whether we are exploring Australia, or in the centre of a pyramid in Egypt, we believe in world schooling. Education Sites When traveling, it is often good to find new sites to keep your child stimulated. Here are some suggestions and also some free online classes sites. […]

Deuba, Fiji – Vita Levu

Deuba, Fiji – Moving into the unknown Today I wake up for the day’s adventure of single parent travel, and reality hits home – we are off on a new adventure.  We are late! The Kava and drinks from last night had relaxed me. This was too much a luxury that our luxury travel experts […]

Overseas Trips – Reading material you might need

Overseas Trips Reading material you might need (Books) If you are going to developing countries or foreign speaking places, I suggest you buy a few books before you leave for your family travel. It is just the same as finding reputable luxury travel experts who will guide you as you begin your journey. Early preparation […]

Storage of your possessions while on a long trip

Storage of your possessions while on a long trip Storage can be very costly. Try making phone calls and doing research regarding storage facilities. You might want to start doing this 3 months before your family travel. Short term storage might come in handy as you sell your house. I personally did this after which […]

Language Preparation for overseas travel

Language Preparation for overseas travel Learning to communicate with other cultures When traveling, there are so many languages you are exposed to that language preparation prior to travel is important. Buy an electronic language translator or download an app. Do a bit of research on this. Luxury travel experts can help you make the best decision. […]

Homeschooling while you travel

Homeschooling Blog as part of your schooling A child’s own blog is a great teaching tool. Set it up before you leave. This is something we decided to do long before our family travel. You must do this as a parent. Among the things we thought we would write about are, luxury travel experts services […]

Going overseas – More things to do before you go

Going overseas – More things to do before you go  -Electricals, email, computers, phones, and much more- Addresses – Things to cancel and addresses to change Electricity Gas Council / Rates Water Insurance Bank accounts not being used that have fees Auto deductions See Phone home and see reference to mobile and the internet. Blogging and websites […]

Packing checklist – the general preparation

Packing checklist to go overseas on your lifetime trip! Start early – and I mean way early – start your packing now! Seriously – if you can put away what you think each of you will wear on the trip, then you will have new items you won’t be tired of wearing all the time, […]

Selling possessions and getting ready to go

Selling possessions and getting ready to go Family travel is different from solo travel. It means that you, as a family, will be leaving several items back home as you dive into the sea of adventure and beautiful uncertainty. You will discover that there are so many items that are better sold (Selling possessions) than being […]

Making an Agenda

Making an Agenda As soon as you have decided to do your trip, take your child out of school for one day and practice home-schooling. Our first lesson was about making an agenda. Some of the ideas I chose to try out were from my son’s teachers and luxury travel experts who helped me understand […]

Packing List – What to take on the plane, bus or train

Packing List – What to take on the plane, bus or train The information I am about to share here to help create your packing list is very much similar to what you will get from luxury travel experts. My family travel tips are however more geared towards single family travel, a nitch in which […]