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What is a Lovo ?

A day on a Fiji farm for a 7-year-old Australian boy We are awake at 5:30 a.m. on the island of Savusavu Fiji to catch the early bus to the foothills. Our friends ‘Marylyn’ and ‘Dave’ (50/50 Australian & Fijian) own rural property. Their caretaker ‘Julian’ and his sweet wife ‘Lele’ are organizing a ‘Lovo’. Now a ‘Lovo’ […]

Hidden Naselesele Waterfall on Savusavu Island Fiji

Hidden Naselesele Waterfall (on the road to Bua) We are house sitting on the island of Savusavu in Fiji, n Sunday we decided to ‘find a waterfall’, so we hopped into the hire car – that we hired thanks to the knowledge of  some luxury travel experts in the region – and headed through the […]

Less Is More – So Poor Yet So Happy – A Fijian Village

Less is more – so poor, yet so happy The weekend has arrived on Savusavu island, and it is time to explore the unknown, so we hired a little 4WD vehicle where we learn a valuable lesson about how locals can be so poor yet so happy.  We hope to find a beach in a […]

Labasa Fiji – an Indian Town

Labasa Fiji – an Indian Town Yesterday we woke at 5:30 a.m. in preparation to walk to town, and get the early bus to Labasa (pronounced Lambassa).  We have been house sitting and are part way through, based in Savusavu. Our friends Marilyn and Dave who own a farm here were also on the bus […]

The Joy Of Giving To Those Who Can Never Repay

The joy of giving to the kids who are less fortunate than us One of the joys of staying for a while in one place is that you become a traveler and get to know the locals, shop at the marketplaces, make friends with your neighbors, and other people visiting the area as we did […]

Fiji – The Land of Festivals

Fiji – The land of Festivals As we set off to explore the Fiji, land of festivals, we are informed there is a huge parade and Hibiscus Festival in Suva, and so our plans are promptly changed. Being on a single parent travel adventure has taught us to be flexible and appropriately make changes if […]

Making an Agenda

Making an Agenda As soon as you have decided to do your trip, take your child out of school for one day and practice home-schooling. Our first lesson was about making an agenda. Some of the ideas I chose to try out were from my son’s teachers and luxury travel experts who helped me understand […]

Homeschooling while you travel

Homeschooling Blog as part of your schooling A child’s own blog is a great teaching tool. Set it up before you leave. This is something we decided to do long before our family travel. You must do this as a parent. Among the things we thought we would write about are, luxury travel experts services […]

Going overseas – More things to do before you go

Going overseas – More things to do before you go  -Electricals, email, computers, phones, and much more- Addresses – Things to cancel and addresses to change Electricity Gas Council / Rates Water Insurance Bank accounts not being used that have fees Auto deductions See Phone home and see reference to mobile and the internet. Blogging and websites […]

Airport Security – practice it first

Airport Security – practice it first…. When all is said and done, your child is your most valuable possession on this trip. Traveling with a child through a busy airport, with all your possessions can be a lot to juggle, even with kids who have traveled before. So is there a way of making family […]

Airline Clubs .. Join one or two

Airline Clubs: Join one or two…. Join the Qantas Club or your own international favorite Airlines Club Joining Airline Clubs works if you will be flying frequently with one airline in particular, or with their partner airlines during your family travel. I have found this to be very crucial for single parent travel as is encouraged […]

A few things to prepare before you go

A few things to prepare before you go I would advise that you work closely with family travel agencies on this if it is your first time as you prepare before you go overseas. For me, luxury travel experts have always made my planning process less stressful as they have a wealth of knowledge regarding […]