Family Fun on Spice Island Zanzibar Tanzania

Zanzibar was once known as Spice Island, where it was considered a major trading post for Spices from Africa going by sea to the Middle East and Asia. Not only were the spices traded here, but many were also grown here on the island too. Thus, Zanzibar became a famous port in the Indian Ocean. […]

Relaxing in Zanzibar Tanzania at Bahari View Lodge

As our plane descends over Zanzibar Island, my son is just SO excited! He loves the East Coast of Africa, and it has been 18 months since we first discovered it for ourselves. Now, after just finishing our time in Jordan, we will have time to slow down a little. It had taken nearly 24 […]

Super Sensational Simba Safari – Uganda Africa

Simba Safari Camp is not what we expected – it was MUCH BETTER!  This was not just an African Safari Camp, and it excelled our expectations on every level. Simba Safari Camp states they are budget on their website, so we instantly thought this meant a secondary standard, but everything was just superb! So let us […]

Add A Little Luxury To Your African Safari

It is time for us to ‘hit the road’, after several weeks volunteering with mission work in remote Uganda.  We are excited to see Africa, and I’ve been really brave in what comes next. We have hired a 4WD from a fabulous company called Expedient Car Hire who delivered it right to our hotel, and at […]

Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil World’s Largest Wetlands Day 1

Day 1 Yesterday, I did not even know The Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil existed. I was hunting online for hostels and found out that we would be stopping at the edge of the world’s largest tropical wetlands – located very close to the border of Brazil and Bolivia. Wetlands of Brazil So I had sent […]

Guacamayo Ecolodge Cuyabeno Amazon Day 1

Guacamayo Ecolodge Cuyabeno -Amazon Jungle Ecuador- Day 1 Guacamayo means Macaw and is the largest parrot in existence.  they are found in the Amazon jungles and we are off to try and spy one ourselves. My son picked a jungle tour for his 8th birthday present. So we asked around and found this one to […]