5 Wild Reasons to Visit Queensland Australia

 5 Wild Reasons to Visit Queensland Australia


©Exploramum and Explorason – Cape Hillsborough – wallabies on the beach

Every year, 26 million tourists travel to Queensland to visit one of Australia’s most beautiful states, each with their own wild reasons as to what lures them here.

From the golden beaches to the tropical environment, and gorgeous or unique wildlife the allure of something different beckons them to the Aussie sandy shores. Travellers from all over the globe, and in particular the UK are drawn to the land of sun and fun with their own wild reasons that they wish to visit.

From the Great Barrier Reef or our many tropical islands to the towering skyline of the Gold Coast, Queensland really has it all.

But if you’re planning a trip to the land down under, is it difficult to know where will you start?

Koumala Pub

©Exploramum and Explorason – Koumala Pub – one of the wild reasons to visit Queensland, Australia

1. Alone, with family or friends, or even a tour

Everybody has unique styles and different personalities, and sometimes this can reflect in the way you like to travel.

That’s why deciding who you’ll travel with can make a major impact on your holiday. If you’re more of a quiet and reserved person, you might want to travel by yourself. Or, if you enjoy company you would probably like to travel with family or friends.

Again, if you don’t know where to go and who to go with, try going on a tour! Tours offer varied and great activities, hotels and resorts for you that are already pre-booked.  Plus, you are in a group of people to stay, travel and have fun with. And, another wild reason to book a tour is that so much is included in the tour price, so there are often no extra charges!

Be aware, that tours do not apply for your passport or visas, so you need to organise that yourself.

wild reasons to visit Queensland Australia

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Big Pineapple

2. Apply for your Australia Visa

Australia also appears to be a popular destination for those from the UK, who come here to travel and work as they go. If you do decide to make Australia a working holiday, then there is no need to stress.  You simply need a Working Holiday Visa Australia. The lure of the sun and the fun of travel is very affordable when you can work your way around the Australian vast continent. Plus, this can extend the length of your stay in Australia as well if you have more funds available to you – now that’s a wild idea!.

Applying as a tourist is the most popular Australia Visa request, and has never been as easy as now. Simply jump online and it’s as easy as 1 2 3. Once your visa is organized, you’re ready to plan your Queensland escape. 

Surfers Paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Surfers Paradise

3. Decide where you want to go

Queensland is home to many famous Australian landmarks and choosing where you’ll stay for your trip to the sunshine state can be a difficult one.

A wild reason for your trip might be just to travel from the northern part of Australia starting at Cairns.  Then head down via the islands to the Sunshine Coast, all the way down to the Gold Coast. You’ll see a lot of the Queensland and can always stop along the way!

Or if you’re more of a stationery person, you might want to stay in a resort, relaxing and basking in the sun. Resorts offer many amenities and some people even travel to certain destinations just for the resorts!

A popular new way to travel is also to house and pet sit.  Retirees and couples are the most popular sitters chosen. This is a great way to get that home-away-from-home feeling too. With no accommodation expenses, this is a really wild reason to head to the land Down Under.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Platypus in the wild

4. What do you want to see?

Queensland is a diverse place with a contrasting environment. So choosing what you want to see for your getaway can be a difficult decision. That’s why you should plan or at least have ideas for what to go see on your vacation – before you reach the sandy shores.

A wild reason to visit Australia definitely has to be our wildlife! A great place to visit in Queensland to see the amazing wildlife. A safe place for the less adventurous is the famous Australian Zoo near the Sunshine Coast. If you are a nature-lover, many choose to rent camper vans and explore the coastline themselves. 

Just out of Mackay there are two great attractions.  A little further north there are wallabies that feed on the beach at sunrise. Plus, platypus swimming in the dams at sunrise and sunset just inland. Or visit Koorana Crocodile Farm out of Rockhampton, and hold a baby croc!

And for the more adventurous, some of the theme parks on the Gold Coast (just out of Brisbane) might ‘float your boat’.

Gold coast skyline

©Exploramum and Explorason – Gold Coast city skyline

5. Country, Coast or City

The green country-side, the marvellous coast, and the concrete jungles are all very different places. With very different commodities to enjoy and all have their own wild reasons to lure you to explore.

Cities such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville offer many activities with the buzz of lots of people, city lights, partying and nightlife.

But for someone who enjoys something more peaceful, like the small towns with tight communities and Aussie country pubs are a ‘must-see’. You can even stay in really quaint bush pubs too.  Of course, there are many BIG things to see in the north of Australia, including the Big Pineapple (just over the border of Queensland to NSW – in Coffs Harbour), or the Big Pineapple – just to name two.

Or if you’re a bit more adventurous, the lure of the ocean might ‘rock your socks’ and be just the wild reason you are looking for. You might want to try jet skiing, whale watching, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding or parasailing. 

So when planning you’re Australian trip, make sure not to miss any details when preparing for your holiday. Before you head of excited with all your wild reasons to discover Queensland, Australia, please research, plan and prepare to make sure to get everything right before you go.

baby crocodile

©Exploramum and Explorason – holding a baby croc is one of the wild reasons to visit Australia

Australia is waiting for you. 

What’s keeping you from booking that trip of a lifetime?

wild reasons

©Exploramum and Explorason – Wild Reasons To Visit Queensland Australia

34 thoughts on “5 Wild Reasons to Visit Queensland Australia

  1. Thanks for the informative article! I have traveled all over the world but never to Austrailia. I am presently gathering info with plans to go next year!!!

  2. Visited Queensland 5 years ago and cannot wait to go back! Just finished touring South australia so we will be swinging our van thtt way soon. So much to see and do, its amazing!

  3. Super helpful info! We are considering a trip to australia next year and would love to do some of these things! And I think my kids would love to hold the baby croc!

  4. We did our first short visit over to the east coast from Perth the beginning of this year. We loved it and can’t wait to go back and explore some more. Australia really does have so much to offer!

  5. I travelled along the Queensland coast when I was young without any plan or clue. I’d love to go back now I know a bit more about what I want from travel. What’s your number 1 recommendation for families in Queensland?

  6. Thanks, this is great! Badly want to see a platypus…

    I highly recommend O’Reillys in Lamington National Park (up behind the Gold Coast in SE Qld) for birds and interesting smaller critters (frogs etc), as well as mammals at night. Fraser Island is excellent if you want to see dingos, and there are lots of other animals around too – we found a few pythons, freshwater turtles in the lakes, even a peregrian falcon nest. So much to see in Qld 🙂

  7. Do you believe in signs? Well, I do. I am in a mastermind with all Australian women and I am the sole American. And most of them are from Queensland. We were just talking about meeting IRL for the first time in Queensland next year and up pops your post. Not that I needed convincing to go, but thanks for the added inspiration! And for the record, I won’t be holding any baby crocs! Just call me wimp. 🙂

  8. Gah! Still dying to take the kids down here. We have several friends in Australia, but when you live in the USA it’s hard to go unless you can spend three weeks. One day my husband will save up enough vacation time so we can make the journey. Bucket list for sure!

  9. We returned from a magical trip to the Whitsundays a couple months back.. Queensland is absolutely breathtaking and one of my favourite states in Australia! I’ve yet to visit the Gold Coast with the kiddos but it’s high on the list given all the theme parks they have there!

  10. I love Queensland, there is so much to offer. Love the feature of the Big Pineapple, so iconic and a family favourite, my grandparents lived in Nambour and my kids now always ask to go there no matter where we visit in Queensland!

  11. Queensland is my favourite Aussie state! I lived on a cattle station in SW QLD for three years, spent a lot of time in Brisbane, and the Whitsundays is the most beautiful place to visit. It’s definitely the best destination to see it all, country, coast and city, like you said!

  12. Thank you for including the photo of our pub in your article (Koumala Hotel), great shot! Is there anyway I can share your article on our facebook page? (Koumala Pub)

    Thanks again,
    Rowena Colgrave

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