Tricks to Staying in Shape While Travelling

Tricks to Staying in Shape While Travelling Sticking to a fitness routine when you’re always travelling can be daunting. You can’t develop a consistent routine, you’re not near your regular resources (i.e. gym, workout partners, etc.), and going from one time zone to the next can really throw a wrench in things. Not to mention, […]

Tips for Being a Full-Time Housesitter

You are hoping to be a full-time housesitter, which is great! It’s a good way to travel, but the job requires you to change the way you do things, and the following tips should help you become a full-time sitter. Tips for Being a Full-Time Housesitter Learn to Love Pets One way of increasing the […]

Tips for Travelling with a Baby

As parents, we have all started with our children as babies.  When you are preparing to start travelling with a baby, and you want to be as organised as possible. Even if you’ve travelled before, doing this with a baby is a different experience, and the following tips should help you travel smoothly and stress-free. […]

Tips for Getting into the Vacation Home Rental Business

Everyone likes to take a vacation to a fun and relaxing location away from home. Many people, especially families, enjoy renting a home instead of a hotel when they take their vacation. These rental homes provide them with more convenience, privacy, and comfort to allow them a more fulfilling vacation. The family has room to […]

Single Parents Who Frequently Travel for Business

We all need to work to support our family. And if you are a parent this is often a challenge for you. Especially, if some of us need to travel for business. Travel for Business as Single Parents Even though as a parent we might not want to leave, we have to bring in the […]

Encourage Healthy Living Every Day 

Like millions of others, your life is anything but dull. By the end of each day, you’re completely exhausted and end up leaving much of your to-do list waiting for tomorrow. Today many people are simply not doing the right things to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are inactive, overeat, live with high levels of […]

Plan a Romantic Destination Proposal of a Lifetime

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and I have a couple of friends who look like they might be getting engaged.  Questions about the perfect romantic destination and favourite places definitely form part of our conversations, so with that in mind, here is an article that might just be perfect for some of you. How Serious […]

3 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Personal Growth

3 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Personal Growth Travel makes you feel more alive because it places you in new situations and awakens all your senses to novel scenes. That’s why we love road trips, Caribbean cruises, and weekend getaways. These trips revitalize us and assure us that travel can boost us in many ways. […]

Australia Road Trip – Part Two

Australia Road Trip – Part Two Its been a while, but here is the remainder of our road trip in Queensland. To recap – in 2019 we’ve been on a massive Australia road trip, taking us from Adelaide, South Australia and via The Riverland, and into Victoria. Next, we drive on through the Blue Mountains […]

Top Ten Things To Do With Kids For FREE In Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide, or even if you are just visiting, it is always great to find fun things to do for all the family. But it is even better when they are FREE! We’ve been back in our home city of Adelaide, South Australia in December, and we have some great tips we’d […]

The Importance Of Visualization

The Importance Of Visualization Visualization is the key to achievement and to attaining your goals – The Importance Of Visualization needs to be a matter of priority in your life.  When a person can clearly visualize where they are headed or what they want to achieve, they are far more likely not to deviate from […]

Precious Travel Memories That Last A Lifetime

People travel to different parts of the world with the hope of finding that one magical place; breathtaking experience; or special person who will make them have eternal memories. It is such a wonderful feeling when they finally find what they have been looking for and they can hold those travel memories deep in their […]