Tips for Being a Full-Time Housesitter

You are hoping to be a full-time housesitter, which is great! It’s a good way to travel, but the job requires you to change the way you do things, and the following tips should help you become a full-time sitter.

Tips for Being a Full-Time Housesitter

Learn to Love Pets

One way of increasing the chances of finding full-time work as a house sitter is to learn to love pets. It may even be a good idea to become a licensed groomer or anything else related to pets. You want to do this because most housesitting jobs involve taking care of a pet.

I was originally never a cat-lover, but overtime caring for cats has been a big part of housesitting and we’ve become quite fond of some we have cared for.  I never thought that would happen, but when you give animals love, they love you back, and sometimes they love you first.

We’ve looked after wallabies; kangaroos; turkeys; chickens; ducks; geese; peahens; dogs; cats; native, domesticated and wild birds; fish; turtles; lizards and geckos; sheep; goats; alpacas and more.  The wider the variety of animals you can care for, the greater the chance of scoring amazing housesits all over the world.

Anything you can do to make yourself look like the ideal petsitter can make you a more desirable candidate. You should keep in mind that you are going to be competing against other house sitters for the same job, so you want to stand out among the rest if you’ve decided to be a full-time housesitter as you travel.

Long-Term Stays

If you really want to be a full-time housesitter, then it may be a good idea to not only broaden your work radius to be exposed to more homes but to also make sure you only look for long-term stays. These types of homes usually give you a chance to book your next job in advance without scrambling to figure out what you’re going to do right after.

Try to pay attention to the reason your home sitting services may be needed by a particular homeowner. Some are quite unique and the owner needs someone who won’t let them down. For example, if the homeowner has travelled to Tijuana for a natural treatment for liver cancer, it’s likely this person needs long-term support and care of their home or pets. They will need a reliable sitter who won’t leave halfway through the sit, or bail at the last minute.

Housesitting in this situation might require a specialized form of extended property maintenance, such as arranging for annual home improvement services or finding and hiring home repair professionals on their behalf.

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Stay on Top of Things

Email alerts from the housesitting companies you belong to will be something you want to stay on top of. Emails or messages from potential homes are incredibly important if you want to do this full time. Email alerts can tell you when a new home is in need of a home sitter.

You can respond to this listing as soon as you can if you have the alert system set up. If you really want to get the job, then the owners have to learn to trust you, which is the reason keeping a conversation going is of the utmost importance. Responding quickly makes you seem more trustworthy. Skype the owner too so you see the home and pets and feel comfortable with the living conditions.

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Join a Number of Housesitting Sites

There are a lot of homeowners that need a house sitter. To increase your chances of booking a dream spot, join a few housesitting websites available online. Select the site that is country appropriate to your chosen destination.  Usually, we join 3 – 6 at any given time when travelling and housesitting full-time.

It’s important that you work on your resume, profile, and upload a picture that makes you seem nice and trustworthy. Try to tailor each profile according to what each site seems to care about. Focus on the most popular sites at the beginning, but be willing to join any up and coming sites.

There are housesits to suit every type of individual and family and not all will suit you. Some are in cities and some isolated on islands or in the country. Some require maintenance and others tending to gardens.  Find one that suits your skills and needs.

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©Exploramum – rescuing a native bird during our housesit that became injured.

Get Good Reviews

When the owners return, welcome them with a nice and clean home. Tidy up everything, stock the fridge if you want, prepare a meal, make a homemade dessert of some sort, leave fresh fruit and flowers, or anything else that you can think of. There is nothing nicer than coming back to a clean and tidy home, and a warm cooked meal after a long flight.

You want these homeowners to give you good reviews to improve your chances of booking more housesitting gigs. Homeowners may have your profile and great messages from you, but the reality is that many of them are still going to use your past experiences to judge, so it is a good idea to make sure they read mostly positive reviews.

Hopefully, these tips help you be a home sitter as long as you want to be, which should give you a chance to see more of this world.

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Have you ever been a full-time housesitter in the past? If so can you contact the owners to provide written references?

Are you considering long-term travel?  What would help you in deciding to become a full-time housesitter?

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  1. I had never considered house-sitting before… But now as my longing to travel full-time (or almost) is longing, it’s definitely an option I’m considering. Thanks you so much for these tips! I’ll bookmark and make sure I come back to it when I decide to take the step.

  2. Housesitting is such a GREAT way to help lower your travel costs while you see the world! My favorite house sit was 10 days in London (an incredibly expensive city) taking care of the SWEETEST dog. And the best part? It easily saved me over $1800 vs. going to London and paying for accommodations. Such a win-win situation for sitters and pet owners!

  3. Excellent tips. I can’t imagine leaving a host’s home without doing everything possible to welcome them home! On our last housesitting gig, we made a yummy soup for the family. My girls made sweet treats. We brought in fresh flowers…anything to make their transition from a bunch of flights from New Zealand to England easier.

  4. House sitting is something I’ve been attracted to for a while as a full time traveller and a person who is completely obsessed with animals! It seems to good to be true.
    I seem to always have such a busy schedule and haven’t made the dates work yet, hopefully this tips as well as signing up to a few more sites will make the dream come true for me!
    Thanks for the advice!

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