The Upcycle Trend – Buying Bargains Online

It’s bigger than ever – the Upcycle Trend!  People are buying secondhand and brand name designer clothing online as they become both environmental and money-conscious shoppers.

eBay is seeing a surge in sales again as people look for ways to save money and still enjoy the same quality and style. Through eBay, people are able to purchase any type of clothing without having to travel or conduct a physical search for the product.

This is what we’d like to call the upcycle trend as celebrities join in to encourage the purchase and use of upcycled products.

Hamptons style

©Exploramum – beautiful dresses and homewares are available

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Here are many reasons that will make you start buying secondhand clothing online:

Big Brands are Upcycling

The textile industry has witnessed drastic changes as big brands recycle or upcycle their products and join the Upcycle Trend. These include the likes of Reformation, Madewell, Lewi’s, Zara, and H&M Group. Zara, in particular, has a well-coordinated upcycling program in select stores in Spain, Australia, Canada, the USA, and parts of China.

It uses the money collected from the sale of its secondhand clothes to finance different non-profit initiatives. Such recycling programs are aimed at fighting the adverse effects of environmental pollution caused by the careless disposal of used textile products. Interestingly, you can easily find these secondhand clothes on eBay.

Versace Palazzo Gold Coast

©Exploramum – dressed for a day shopping outside Versace Palazzo – All items from our Sales Online Australia store

Celebrities are in on the Upcycle Trend

Live life like the rich and famous!  Celebrities have in recent days advocated for the use of second-hand and upcycled designer clothes. This is why most are seen rocking in upcycled outfits. Kristen Bell, for instance, is a famous American singer and actress who openly expresses her addiction to these clothes. She attributes such addictions to a humble upbringing. Interesting, she has proceeded to introduce all her children to the lifestyle. Even fashion sensational like Sarah Jessica Parker uses secondhand clothes.

Other celebrities include Helen Mirren, Winona Ryder, Alicia Silverstone, and Shailene Woodley. So it is not strange to find such celebrities in flea markets and on eBay buying their favourite designer outfits. It is a statement of an undying fight against pollution and a realization that class still exists in secondhand clothes.

Affordable Prices  – Fashion at a Fraction

Where else can you buy the biggest range of designer clothing at a fraction of its original price other than from eBay? This is made possible by concepts where designer clothes are listed and sold at a cheaper price. This is even though most of these products are in their original state – some new and some pre-loved.

Upcycle Trend

©Exploramum – the Upcycle trend is huge for sporting wear for both men and women

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Upcycle Trend Convenience

Online shopping comes with a lot of conveniences. You get to shop at any time of day or night without leaving your couch or office.

You also don’t get to chase store attendants or stand in long queues to pay for your product.

There is also no need to worry about traffic jam or transport at your item is delivered to your address.

All you need to do is click onto a product you intend to buy, pay, and wait.

Upcycle Trend

©Exploramum – find the fabulous new and pre-loved ski clothing at Sales Australia Online eBay store

Product and Brand Variety with the Upcycle Trend

eBay has amazing choices. Almost any brand can be found on this platform including Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker and Calvin Klein. You can literary get any designer item even if it doesn’t exist in your geographical location.

There is no need for spending on airfare to visit any company’s physical location. You still have all the reason to shop online even if there is a store within your location. This is because of the far greater selection of sizes and colour you find online.

You also get outfits for every season regardless of the weather condition in your current location. This is not an experience you get from brick and mortar stores.

With eBay, you can place an order for winter outfits for a ski trip to the Northern Hemisphere long before your journey.  It might be Summer in Australia, and you can be purchasing clothes for the winter ahead.

Upcycle Trend

©Exploramum – one of the beautiful dresses I’m modelling from Sales Australia Online eBay store

No need to Leave Home

Yes, you don’t have to leave your home to pick your items. They are all delivered to your doorstep thanks to our friendly Australia Post. The parcel has a tracking number so you know exactly when it left the seller too.

Purchasing from eBay is a great option for you if you are sick in bed. Especially if you are recovering from surgery or other debilitating injuries like a bone fracture. You could also benefit from this if you are an elderly person not able to travel a long distance to get an item. Interestingly, you could take advantage of this to send gifts to your loved ones regardless of their location.

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Upcycle Trend

©Exploramum – Designer Men’s and Ladies new and preloved clothing at Sales Australia Online

Access to Remote Locations and Isolating Circumstances

One of the main concern that people have is whether items will be delivered to their location. This is especially true for those in remote areas with poor transport systems. These people too could benefit from the home delivery services provided by eBay. As long as they promise to get the item to your address, they will get it to your address.

Imagine how it would feel if you knew that whatever you were wearing symbolized a war against environmental degradation. The feeling is even greater when you remember that you bought it a fraction of its original price.

What this means is that you don’t have to struggle to maintain your classiness in such unpredictable moments.

Bonus – Accessorise in Style

The fabulous bags, hats, scarves and more available are also a great reason to check out Sales Australia Online on eBay too.

Sales Australia Online is a fantastic store on eBay

– You can view the great items for sale

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Upcycle Trend

@Exploramum – Buying Designer Clothes Online at DSales Australia Online eBay store like this gorgeous Burberry Vintage Scarf

20 thoughts on “The Upcycle Trend – Buying Bargains Online

  1. I love finding name brand clothing for my kids on eBay. The great thing about buying top-notch brands is that I know I can easily resell them as long as they are still in good condition! 🙂

    • Crystal I agree – It’s a great way to save money. Right now eBay sales have sky-rocketed with everyone staying home and needing lounge attire, sports clothing, and sleepwear

  2. Thanks so much for this timely reminder. I am one of the few people who have lost weight whilst on lockdown. My jeans are swimming on me and I keep having to hike them up. I was trying to find some new jeans getting frustrated with limited online shopping. Hadn’t even thought about eBay but I hopped on. Just bought the pair I wanted from the same store but couldn’t afford (with tags still on) in less than 5 minutes. Wonderful!

  3. I’m going to be honest, I never really thought about purchasing clothing from Ebay, but what a great idea. I hate malls and shopping in general, so I’ve been buying online anyway. But I’d much rather buy used/vintage/upcycled than support Amazon or some of the other fast fashion brands. Thanks for putting this in my head, I can’t wait to try it for myself.

  4. It’s crazy – I totally forgot that Ebay exists now that there are sites like ThredUp. Thanks for the reminder 😉 I got a lot of Lululemon from Ebay back in the day!

  5. I didn’t know so many celebrities were up cycling. I know I love to especially with a unique find like a side table. I like to see how I can repaint it and maybe use some stencils so that it has a unique design! Lots of people are gravitating toward online selling platforms as well as a way to make money from home. These are some great ideas thanks

  6. My mum and sister are both eBay resellers and love going out sourcing items to flip – I’m not so keen on the sourcing and reselling becasue I find the listing a bit long winded (I don’t have much of an attention span for things like that lol) but I love finding something to upcycle. I’ve got my eye on a prom dress listed on eBay at the moment that I could turn into a beautiful party dress for my niece, it’s perfect princess fabric that she’d love!

  7. This is super helpful – I have actually applied what you have written to my cat and upcycling on things like his cat bed and scratcher – and if I’m honest I have bought him a few outfits as well!!

  8. We always buy upcycled clothing now (or sustainable brands). You can definitely find some great vintage pre-loved clothing! Thanks for the great post!

  9. I haven’t bought on-line but I have got some wonderful bargains at some of the smaller op shops.
    Some still had the retailer’s price tags on them. Obviously some had been bought and then weren’t liked.
    Some had been top brands and very expensive. I often round up the $ amount if I buy from a charity op shop.
    I love the dress you are wearing in the photo.

  10. Last year I made a pledge to only by upcycled and used clothing – no more fast fashion – and it’s paid off in dividends. It was so easy to continue that practice into the new year.

    I actually feel as though my closet consists of higher quality garments since I made that choice and it feels great.

    Thanks for the article!

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