Random Acts of Kindness

Volunteering In Costa Rica

Volunteering In Costa Rica Our family travels around the world has exposed us to some of the saddest realities of life that we address in this article about Volunteering In Costa Rica. For some of the less fortunate, the struggles to feed a family, afford their housing, buy school uniform, get a quality education and […]

How Orphanages Can Con People

Whatever I am about to say might shock you! Before I begin, I would like to start by saying that I have been to some of the most well-managed orphanages and children’s homes in the world as part of our travels. Among the orphanages that I really loved visiting around the world is Happy House […]

Crying For Kenyan Orphans

We started our Random Acts of Kindness with the hope of making a difference in every country we stepped into – to travel with a purpose, and to teach my young son to care for others who may never be able to give back. I have to admit that while we have walked the streets […]

THANK YOU To All Who Gave To Help Feed Poor Kenyan Families

Children ran on the streets rolling tires with sticks, as our tuk-tuk bumped through the dusty dry laneways. Today is our last day in Diani Beach Kenya, and I promised many of you, that we would distribute food to needy families here, and some of you kindly gave towards this. A lot of you have […]

Random Acts Of Kindness – Caring For Kenya – Our latest Mission

“Mum, Can I do a ‘Go Fund Me’ for Elijah*?” Explorason came in and asked last night. He had been out opening ‘Madafu‘, the young coconuts together with our Askari named Elijah*. Explorason and Elijah* get along well and we often take Elijah* a spare plate of dinner, a nice drink, or a yummy dessert […]

Kids Make Homeless Feel Special At Christmas

Kids care about the Homeless at Christmas. Now we have returned to our home-town of Adelaide for a while, it is lovely to catch up with friends.  Last week we finally caught up with one of Explorason’s ex-schoolmates. A lovely ten-year-old girl named Charlotte, who has recently moved to the countryside. Whilst we were there […]

Sharing Love in Uganda Africa

Coming to Africa has been on our hearts for what seems to be forever.  I knew a long time friend, who along with her husband ran a small ‘not for profit mission’ In The Field Ministries in Uganda.  I had spoken to her on a few occasions about us coming to volunteer. So when our […]

Blarney Church Ireland; a coming together of churches

Blarney Church Ireland, and a coming together of churches I had been in Ireland for over a week, and one of the reasons I have stayed around in the Cork area is because I was invited to share at an International Day of Prayer. This is to be held in the Blarney Church, but what […]

Farewell Quito Ecuador and 8 months in South America

  Farewell Quito Ecuador and 8 months in South America This is one of the hardest blogs I have written. I am forced to look back. To remember both the good and the not so good — that has shaped the last 8 months in South America.After 14 months of travel, you would think I […]

We visit an orphanage in Quito Ecuador

We visit an orphanage in Quito Ecuador Yesterday was a special day in our hearts. One of those times you get to share something extraordinary – out of the blue. Last time we were in Quito was more than 6 months ago, and we had met Jen. She has been working for 5 years at […]

Single Mum Interview with Wodara

Single Mum Interview with Wodara We are excited to share our latest single parent travel interview with you. Our hope is that everyone, in including luxury travel experts and those planning a family travel, will find it beneficial. We think this is a great website, and hope you can read, and join them. Questions and […]

Interview with Trekity

Interview with Trekity We are thrilled with the interview from Trekity. Please take a look and share with your friends. I talk about our travels and Random Acts of Kindness as we go through the world. http://trekity.com/educational-travel/ Questions and Comments Do you have any questions concerning exploramum? Do share your comments with us concerning our […]